ring-ing in the new year

my current craze is oversized cocktail rings, and i've found it increasingly difficult to pass them up. apparently my friend and work "roommate" aly feels the same way so it has become dangerous to take our lunch breaks together.

we're just on our way back from stopping in francesca's collections at cityplace to pick up some fashion tape for an event tonight (read about it here), and we walked out with these for $18 each. not too bad and i plan on wearing it tonight and to the heart ball next month, which was my purchase justification.

francesca's has a bunch of other options too, including another even larger and very cute pink peacock feather ring my vp and secret santa jennifer bought me for christmas.

you'll also want to check out the jewelry sale table today too, which has drastic markdowns and even better deals if you buy two pieces. earrings are now two for $5, necklaces are two for $10, and rings are somewhere in between.

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