a bloody brilliant interview by russell brand.

a little beyond the normal fashion realm of this blog, we had to share this britishly brilliant interview with russell brand on my man's morning tv show of choice, msnbc's "morning joe." since my favorite moderately republican host, joe scarborough, wasn't part of this segment, thank bloody 'ell the english comedian was here to keep us laughing in style.

with showcases of his "kinky boots," references of unbuttoned shirts and statements that mika brezinski's hair is like princess diana's among the rest of the effortlessly funny political talk, this is surely entertaining. so enjoy, love. 


you can't see me, i'm camoflauged.

in an attempt to go through my closet and downsize, i instead found an old friend from college. together through jax beach parties, jobs, happy hours at potbelly's and more, my trusty camo skirt has apparently been safely stowed away for many years.

it started as a pair of wide leg capris from abercrombie & fitch. but since those went out of style a little more than a year later, i knocked off the legs soon after and added a safety pin to a fold in the middle, and voila.

the skirt was super easy to make and can be done with pretty much any pair of chinos or jeans.

this weekend i wore it with a black tank and some sneakers i studded. the diy outfit had me feeling like i was back in college again.

check back soon for a recap on the shoes themselves and how you can rock the stud craze.

meow: what's all the purring about cat shirts?

roar. meow. prrr. i'm really more of a dog person, although i don't have any pets.

last year, my sis came back from key west with a birthday gift for me they knew i would love hate: a poor-fitting, tourist tee with an obnoxious photo of a cat. it was so "duval street." did i mention that i am not a feline fan?

well a few things have changed since then. including my feelings about the shirt.

imagine my surprise when i started seeing not only lions, tigers and kittens gracing the front of tie dye t-shirts a year later, but that same image from my own cat shirt pop up on my pinterest feed. once a joke, now a hot trend, cat shirts are all the rage.

i don't know why i kept mine, but now i'm glad i did. i'm not one to wear something just because it's "in style" - hence why i don't do round sunglasses, ombre hair or teardrop bib necklaces - but i do like to spice up my wardrobe with pieces that are a little "out there," if only for the reactions. 

that doesn't change the face that the shirt i own is still ugly, so i put my own twist on it. a simple slice of the sleeves and that god-awful "key west, fl" script at the bottom, and now it's fun and frisky weekend wear.

today i'm sporting the new crop top for father's day dinner to remind my dad why he loves this crazy (non)cat lady.   

want your own? you're in luck. urban outfitters has at least a dozen to choose from, plus a number of other animals, even narwhals

or, don't want to spend $14-$32 on a silly shirt? visit enough goodwills and you're bound to find one traded in from 1994.