dress for the fest.

every once in a while i'm lucky enough that my day job and this little ol' hobby of mine get to collide. yesterday was one of those "once in a whiles," thanks to cityplace and sunfest.

that's because cityplace launched a "dress for the fest" contest, asking fans to share their sunfest style on facebook in honor of our own east coast music festival in downtown west palm beach. the winner scores a free pair of tickets and $250 worth of gift cards to cityplace to get all the fashion and beauty essentials. pretty good deal, if you ask me.

i'd enter on behalf if i could, but something tells me i'm a little too close to the source to win. for that reason, i'm asking that you, my readers, please enter on my behalf. if you choose to submit, please feel free to post your photos to the prêt-à-porter palm beach facebook page too so we can get a peek!


flavor of the week: green tea.

after the seemingly endless photos of fashion and ferris wheels across the @pretaporterpb instagram feed last weekend, there's a part of me that is wishing i was in cali right now rather than jupiter, fla. the other part of me is looking forward to the yoga-filled midtown peace, love & wellness music festival with my sister today, and the palm beaches' own version of coachella in a couple weeks...sunfest.

to get a head-start on both events, i filled up on green tea and a fresh, homemade juice of energy-boosting fruits and veggies this morning, while putting together another board inspired by the famous steve madden troopa boots and the current flavor of the week

flavor of the week: green tea.
flavor of the week: green tea. by pretaporterpb

hollister co. crop top / bcbgmaxazria harness belt / forever 21 high-low skirt / steve madden troopa boots / vanessa mooney wrist-to-ring bracelet, urban outfitters / leather wrap bracelets, urban outfitters / bcbgmaxazria aviator-wayfarer sunglasses / essie nail polish

in my opinion the best part of this outfit (besides the boots, of course), is the leather harness belt from bcbg. i think it's time i add one of these to my closet...in time for sunfest, of course. 

the next best is the bike. did you know that sunfest has a bike valet? it's sponsored by the west palm beach downtown development authority, and while i may be a bit biased, i think it's a pretty cool program that gets you close to the entrance, while avoiding gas, traffic and parking fees. plus you'll get even more of that florida sunshine on your way downtown. now i just need a pretty green beach cruiser like this...because my purple road bike and red-trimmed tri bike don't really match my outfit.


thug closet.

when i'm not busy working, writing, shopping or running, one of the few other things i have time for lately is cooking. and when i cook, i like to keep it as "clean" eating as possible. luckily for me, in addition to miles of styling ideas, pinterest always has tons of dinner ideas. but even those recipes can be deceiving sometimes with ingredient lists longer than i have time for, or can get a little stale and boring...which is why i am suddenly addicted to thug kitchen.

it's certainly "clean" in that it focuses on vegan cooking, but the tagline is quite the opposite. if you haven't heard of it yet, you must be living under a rock. it exploded recently - especially on facebook - even though the blog is not all that populated yet. and guess who shares our obsession? the always stylish gwyneth paltrow. here's a quick clip from when she talked about it on the rachel ray show:

now, we must warn you, if you're offended by the "f-word," do not bother with this blog. on the other hand, if you swear like a sailor or just think cursing can be funny like us, you'll be obsessed with these meat-free recipes and the hilarious commentary that goes with it.

we sort of wish we were the fashion equivalent.


bandage bikini.

it's only halfway through the week and i'm already dreaming about the beach. i'd obviously rather be lounging in the sand near the ocean than sitting at a desk all day, but that's not the real reason i'm longing for the weekend. mostly, it's because i can't wait to wear my new bandage bikini again. 

i first spotted this beauty last summer on the website for h&m, but could sadly never find it in stores. lucky for me, i surprisingly spotted the sexy swimwear this year - in a much better mix of neutral with a pop of neon, might i add - during a trip to the store for printed pants. obviously i scooped it up.

it's not too skimpy but still looks stylish with the crossed and layered fabric. it reminds me of herve leger dresses, tricking me into thinking i'm wearing something more expensive than a $17.95 top.

so until this weekend when i can bring the swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses and towel back into my schedule, i'll be day-dreaming about scenes like this...

bacon bloody marys anyone?


film festival fashion: 2nd edition.

the palm beach international film festival is going on this week, and as you may remember, a's newest short film premiered this weekend. kundalini was a hit. and his h&m hoodie was a hit too...at least with me, anyway. here's the photo recap from saturday as we wait until thursday to find out whether he won.

 not the greatest quality pic, but thought it was worth posting "the final product," nonetheless.

our friend, suzi, who came out to support in her mix-n-match prints.
especially loved the leather and turquoise necklaces she accessorized with.
apparently teal was the hot color this weekend between my sis' roxy bag,
suzi's ann taylor loft ensemble and my steve madden troopa boots.

want more? my man put the full movie up on funny or die now for everyone to laugh at. just please don't kill it!


loss of a palm beach icon: lilly pulitzer.

today is a sad day in palm beach. it's a sad day in the world of fashion. the island's trusted paper, the "shiny sheet," announced that ms. lilly pulitzer passed away april 7, 2013 at age 81. she was - and will continue to be - a style icon in florida and beyond with her pretty juiced-up prints in pinks and greens.

while the brand hasn't often made it to my own wardrobe except for a few junior league items, i can't deny her incredible influence on both palm beach and fashion design through the introduction of such a splash of color and fun patterns. 

and it all started in the 33480 zip code with the signature lilly shift dress worn as a uniform at a via mizner juice stand. read her full obit and back story by none other than robert janjigian here in palm beach daily news

until then, here's a look back at some of our previous posts that included the beloved lilly brand through a glam gift guide and a tropical jeep at artigras. rest in peace, ms. pulitzer.


film festival fashion: 'kundalini.'

i am so proud of my guy. the man who has a wardrobe that consists of countless black t-shirts, spanish futbol jerseys, levis, camo cargos and converse made his first purchase at h&m yesterday...on his own! sure, it was still within his comfortable realm of dark colors void of any patterns or artwork, but he braved the march into fast fashion on his own free will to pick up a navy blue hoodie.

why? i'd like to think that i rubbed off on him and it was just to shop for the heck of it, but i think his visit had something more to do with the real stem of my pride... a's new short film (no, not this "a," this "a").

kundalini screens tonight as part of the palm beach international film festival "voices of local film," and apparently it was the only place he could find an inexpensive, plain-colored sweatshirt to wear in the movie theater. i would have gone a slightly more adventurous with this or this, but am satisfied with the baby steps.

so, here for the shameless plug, i'll give you a sneak peek of his satirical "new age" film, via the vine app.

want to see more? come to cobb theaters at downtown at the gardens at 7 p.m. tonight. yours truly may have had a hand in the oscar-worthy makeup artistry too (hey, the guy is not the only one with a sense of humor in this relationship).