throwback thursday: 80s jumpsuit.

by 9 p.m. four months ago tonight you were probably already sick of seeing #tbt from at least 75 people in your newsfeeds, but here's another one to add to your queue. pretty sure it's my first "throwback thursday" ever too. and no, i didn't put it on instagram (there's always tomorrow...fashion fridays, maybe?).

besides showing that i obviously already had ridiculously "imaginative" fashion choices even back then, this photo seems especially appropriate for this week. does that plaid jumpsuit look familiar? i just realized it looks pretty darn close to the black and white checked jumpsuit from glam vintage (ahem, from the same decade) that i wore to the bloggers event tuesday. except this one spans the "child lumberjack" trend too. it's what everyone was talking about in 1988, i assure you.

stay tuned next week for even more interesting outfits from the mini version of the prêt-à-porter palm beacher. she seemed to have better style than the current...minus this weird puffy jacket. haircut is pretty much the same though!