monday morning quarterback meets clothes for bros

this is kind of a double mmq this week since i posted about fsu's white-out game friday in my fashion line of the day, but i noticed a line of men's college sports shirts this weekend that i've never seen before and decided to give our guys a little more love.

football fashion choices for men can be a little boring, unless of course you're one of those guys who chooses to sport themed boat shoes or pastel pants and bow ties to the game. if you're not one of those good ole' boys (or for you girls: your boyfriend is not one of those boys), which i'm assuming most of you aren't, then here's a post for you.

nordstrom carries a line called red jacket clothing, which caters to both men and women in the team t-shirt category. it carries shirts that boast college and professional sports, all of which have vintage flair. the brand's web site says, "as an active sports enthusiast, one should be able to find unique sportswear with a distinctive fashion style. as a fashion concious individual, one should be able to combine progressive fashion with vanguard sports cultures."

my opinion on the brand? from extra-soft, slim-fit crewnecks to retro, faded and distressed tees and hoodies, red jacket makes it easy for men to dress good and still look masculine at the same time. the prices are reasonable too.

i know for sure that nordstrom at the mall at wellington green carries fsu and uf t-shirts by red jacket, but here are a few others for you non gator and nole fans.

remote control miami t-shirt, $45

georgia tech brass tacks arch t-shirt, $35

tar heels brass tacks logo t-shirt, $32
and my favorite, the michigan standback hoodie, $95

if you don't see your team here, no worries. red jacket carries designs for the majority of state and popular private colleges. ladies, red jacket has options for you too, so check them out.


fashion line of the day #5

"we are definitely excited to wear the all-white uniforms. it's historic because fsu has never worn white uniforms at home before, so it's going to be fun to be a part of that. it should be exciting for the fans, and we want to see them in all-white, too.''
~ florida state university's senior free safety jamie robinson,
from the miami herald

photo courtesy of seminoles.com

this proves my point that fashion is important in all aspects of life, even in football. it also shows that it's ok (and encouraged by me!) to wear white after labor day, especially if you live in florida. but if you have a difficult time breaking this old school fashion rule and still need a reason, then here is one for you...wear it to support your seminoles!

so don't want to wear one of fsu's official white-out shirts and need a few ideas for wearing white to the game? shop summer sales first since white is typically not a color included in most fall collections. you might want to start with macy*s fashion+home sale first, and pick up the extra 15 percent off coupon in the main section of the palm beach post or online today.

try this lightweight and playful spring twill tunic by bcbg and pair it with white leggings or wear alone if you're short enough like me. originally $148, this shirt-dress is now only $63 if you use the macy*s coupon.

originally $98,
free people's disco jersey dress is also a good pick for the game now that it's reduced to $62 with the macy*s coupon. the relaxed drapery will keep you cool in all aspects of the game.

sorry to all my tampa readers out there, but you might want to wear black because it's going to be a dark day out there for you saturday!


fashion line of the day #4

"my look is attainable. women can look like audrey hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large sunglasses, and the little sleeveless dresses."
~ audrey hepburn

forever a fashion icon, this is something many of us (like me!) still try to do today. her classic look is easy to mimic and always in style, so take note!


monday morning quarterback: $30 or less

want to capitalize on the latest trends, but having trouble doing so while sticking to a budget? want a cute and feminine outfit to wear to the game but just can't afford pieces from the leona collection i suggested a few weeks ago? no worries. whether you're in college living off tips from the ale house, a young professional saving up to buy a house, or you just plain can't fathom spending more than you would on dinner for gameday gear, we've got a few options for you.

we've put together four stylish outfits featuring four current crazes for four different college teams - all totaling less than $30 each. tips on how to get the most for your money are also included, and feel free to switch out your school colors as needed.

team: louisiana state university
trend: tunics as dresses/fitted waist
tip: if you're not sure about something, wait for the sale
i found this pleated tunic a few weeks ago at urban outfitters, but didn't feel like spending $38 on something i'd wear as a casual dress when i already have so many stuffed in my closet. in turn, i saved about half the price when i found it for $19.99 during my second trip to shop urban outfitters' sale, which i talked about in a previous post. it's not the typical purple for an lsu game, but that's why it will make you stand out in the crowd - in a good way. plus, i paired it with a string of gold chains i got for $4.50 from macy's jewelry sale, and $5 metallic flip flops from old navy to give it some of that tiger gold.

team: university of alabama
trend: colorblock/high-waisted skirts
tip: stick to staples
a few staple pieces will always come in handy when you can't figure out what to wear. take my red kino sandals, for instance, which cost me $12 during my freshman year of college. these key west flip flops have been in style as long as i can remember and will always be part of my wardrobe ready to spice up any outfit. i paired them with a simple $9 white baggy tank from gap that is also sure to stay in style, and then to keep up with the trends pieced it together with a slimming, high-waisted, colorblocked skirt i got for $8.80 from forever 21. add a swipe of red lipstick and the result is sleek and clean with a few pops of color to remind everyone you're a bama fan...but you can add a houndstooth headband if you're still worried about it.

team: florida atlantic university
trend: layered look/fitted bodice
tip: take advantage of special promotions
not only is this bycorpus dress another item i found for $19.99 at the urban outfitters sale, but old navy's metallic flip flops were a fab find too. typically priced at $6.50, i bought these silver sandals along with a gold pair during a two-for-$10 sale. that was months ago, but similar pricing can still be found on non-metallics. buy two or more pairs for only $2.50 each. they're perfect for a game - cheap rubber sandals you don't mind getting a little dirty while tailgating. back to the dress...it may not exactly match fau's "french blue and silver grey," but the navy blue of the fitted sweetheart-style linen and flowy skirt attached to the ashy grey soft tank will keep you on trend for the game. and the super long silver chain from forever 21 was only $3.50, so you'll have a $1.50 left over to buy a hot dog at the game!

team: university of central florida
trend: vests/leggings
tip: shop forever 21
for newer teams that are just becoming popular like ucf and fau, it's not as easy to find cutesy team tops like those for fsu, um and uf from places like victoria's secret and urban outfitters. you'll have to be a little more creative, which is why forever 21 is great. with a huge color palette and cheaper prices on trendy items that go in and out of style, you're sure to find something fashionable within your budget. grab something people wouldn't expect you to wear to a game: basic v-neck cami for $3.80, a dark grey vest for $9.80 and simple black leggings for $5.80. add old navy's gold flip flops, a $2.80 cuff and a gold belt (ok, so i cheated and wore this one from hollister, but you can pick one up from forever for about $7.80).

to make these even sweeter, all outfits are equally as appealing for a night out as they are for game day...just fling off the sandals and slide on a pair of pumps.


fashion line of the day #3

"i have to keep all the boys off this dress. this is my taser for the night, since they won't let me bring my taser into radio city. so i can just go 'boom, off!'"
~ katy perry talking to adrienne bailon about her outfit on the red carpet of the 2009 mtv vmas. see her full interview on mtv.com.

the "i kissed a girl" singer known for her outrageous fashion choices was looking hot in her glam makeup, spiked and shiny dress by the blonds, and shimmering shoes by none other than christian louboutin.

she says she wore the dress to keep away the boys, but i personally think it was to keep away one in particular, my friend andrew who lives in nyc and could be trying to seek her out :)

fab find: $9.99 at urban outfitters

urban outfitters is one of my favorite retailers, but i don't always (or ever) feel like dishing out $58 for a high-waisted pink cotton mini i'll probably wear two or three times. so when i learned about the recent sales i about jumped out of my seat when the clock turned to 5:30 p.m. tuesday and i could finally scour the local store.

i had done about a minute of pre-shopping online before i left, so i knew i was in for some great $9.99, $14.99, $19.99 and $29.99 deals, but i was ecstatic when i found out the specials in the store were even better than they were online. upon enterting the store i nearly walked into a $9.99 rack full of dresses...there are only about two dresses for this price on the web site. i grabbed a few and headed for the back to check out more.

i ended up leaving the dressing room with a pale peach tunic and a colorful plaid button-up dress for $9.99 each (only problem is a snap button that always wants to pop open due to the elastic band at the waist...not great for the self esteem, but for less than $10, i'll stitch it up!). i'll save pics until later this weekend for another post, but until then, here are a few items you might want to pick up for yourself:

tried this on; better for girls with smaller busts

dark harts hooded moto vest, $19.99 (originally $58)
i need (ok want) this.

bdg knit miniskirt, $19.99 (originally $28)
says online only, but i bought i similar skirt in the store

uo silk fringe necklace, $19.99 (originally $38)

on your way out, don't forget to look at the 2-for-$8 nail lacquer at the front. there are some fun and crazy colors that are typically difficult to find priced at less than $10 anywhere else (like my gray that i searched for forever!). they are named by color and then by number. i bought purple 1 and green 2...can't wait to try them out!


fashion line of the day #2

"i love girl bands, and the plastiscines have a sound and look that represents everything i was feeling as i was designing the collection. i was watching their video and thought, i want my show to look like that."
~ alice + olivia's stacey bendet about my fave girl band as the inspiration behind her spring 2010 collection, taken from style.com.

check out photos from the plastiscines performing at alice + olivia's spring show during new york fashion week at
nylonmag.com. you'll view a faux parisian town full of soft and feminine pinks, purples, grays and creams mixed with edgier blacks, metallics and lace for a line that is both sexy and sweet...and don't forget about the ton of celebs among the crowd, like twilight's ashley greene, gossip girl's kelly rutherford and 90210's annalynne mccord.


fashion line of the day #1

sometimes you need a few kind words to get through the day. some of us have uplifting tear-off calendars, my mom's boss e-mails her teachers inspirational quotes each day, and i think jason from the wild morning show reads off silly thoughts of the day.

me? i need a contstant stream of fashion, which is why i thought i'd combine the two for you by unveiling my "fashion lines." i'll bring you quotes by renowned designers, one-line tips from fashion mags, notes from the red carpet and other general style sayings to add a little glamour to your day.

so here it is, and today's line comes from a sweet gift our fabulous intern bought me:

"i can deal with anything if i have the right shoes."

christian louboutin's lady page velvet-bow pumps in oxblood from bergdorf's
because if i had these shoes, i could rule the world.


monday morning quarterback: t-shirts revamped

due to the nightmare flu i had last week, i could barely stop groaning long enough to open my eyes, much less look at a computer, so i went a little m.i.a. right after the launch of monday morning quarterback. it was not good timing, but here we are today to get you back on track for this upcoming weekend...

our last mmq post showed you where to find classy and feminine gameday dresses, but today we'll show you a few more economical ideas. learn to transform the free extra-large shirt given out at last year's basketball game, that old t-shirt you just can't imagine getting rid of, or even a tee from the zoology department's 1995 social event you picked up at goodwill on a whim. all of the above make good starting-off points for designing your own revamped and one-of-a-kind gameday jerseys.

i created a few of my own with old fsu and uf shirts belonging to my boyfriend, sister and me, and as long as you have a t-shirt, a pair of scissors and an imagination you can do it too.

this first strapless style is the easiest, and one i made a lot in college. just take a t-shirt, large or small, and cut it straight across (or a bit rounded in the front like i did) from the bottom of one sleeve to the other. then cut a small diamond shape in the center of back of the shirt (the sides of the diamond should be about 2-3 inches long). this will leave two points at the top that you can knot together in the back based on how tight you need the shirt to fit. sew or pin a flower or other embellishment to the shirt if you want and you're finished! my sister didn't want to go braless with the shirt, but since it's so low in the back she decided to wear it over an orange tube bathing suit top, which actually looked really cute (even though it was gator colors).

my next two didn't come out as good as i'd hoped, but i thought i'd share anyway in case they inspire other ideas for you. for the fsu shirt, i cut the sleeves completely off at an angle toward the neck line and then cut from one sleeve seam to the other only in the back to make a halter-style top. i left part of the folded neck seam attached so i could string a piece of leather through as a fun seminole-inspired accessory to tie around my neck, and also attached feathers to the end (a string of pearls would work too for you girls in the southern states). unfortunately the original shirt i used was a little big for this style to fit me and i felt myself holding it up with my arms, so make sure you start with a tighter shirt if you make your own.

the next uf style is cute, but mine came out a bit childish-looking. i got the idea from the book generation t: 108 ways to transform a t-shirt, which a co-worker who obviously knows me well bought for me as a secret santa present a couple years back (fyi...it's a great gift for anyone who wishes she could be a designer, but doesn't quite have the artistic background to back the dream). i simply cut the sleeves off in a straight line, and then cut from the top of one shoulder to the other. i poked holes about 1 inch apart along the shoulders and then laced a ribbon (shoe laces and extra t-shirt material also work) through the holes much like you would a shoelace and tied it at the end.

my last idea is my favorite and the only one that required sewing, but fabric glue could also work. to start, i used a tight black tee that had a graphic previously destroyed in the wash. since i liked the fit and didn't want to cut it up or throw it away, i cut and sewed a seminole head from another t-shirt to the bottom of this tee. when making your own, note that it's ok if you see the thread, i think it actually adds to the charm. i then used strips of material from another re-worked shirt that didn't come out so hot, and sewed the pieces together in a way that mimics the folded paper fans you made as a kid. once sewn onto the shirt, the extra fabric gave it a ruffle effect, which is definitely "in" right now.

now your turn. use this as a guide to re-create your own styles, and feel free to comment if you take photos of your own designs that i can post to the blog!


monday morning quarterback: leona gameday

whether you're a stylish college student looking for something feminine to wear to the game, or an alumna wishing to stand out at the football party back home, leona gameday is here for you.
noticing that many of us girls from the south - florida included - like to dress up for football games, the "southern belle with an edge" designer lauren leonard of the leona collection came up with an idea to get ladies into the spirit of the game. leona recently began offering its 60+ national retailers the option of carrying custom gameday dresses made in their choice of school colors, in addition to the ready-to-wear collections they already carry. average retail price points for leona gameday items are $170 to $265, and totally worth it.

whitney blouse in black crepe de chine & kitsy skirt in vermillion silk twill
~ perfect outfit for georgia tech & the skirt also works for seminoles, ucf knights
and many those of you in favor of california schools

lauren told me that there are gameday dresses currently designed for shops in tennessee, south carolina, alabama and georgia. there aren't any in the works for our florida schools just yet, but since one of my favorite boutiques in my old stomping ground of tallahassee - fancy pants - carries the leona line, you know i'm pushing for some florida state fashions.

just because leona might not yet carry dresses specific to your school, there's no reason to fret. leonacollection.com and many of the label's retailers carry other southern-inspired, ready-to-wear pieces that are fun to pair together to create your own gameday outfit. try the jonnie blouse in ivory silk with the fabulous sloan pocket skirt in gold silk shantung (i need to have this!) from the new fall collection if you're a seminole like me, or keep cool in the sarah short dress in berry print silk from the spring line if you're an unfortunate (but at least stylish!) gator like my sister.

kate blouse in lipstick silk shantung
~ a good match for bama and georgia fans. also comes in a glistening gold.

trust me, you defnitely want to sport leona. you might just catch the eye of that sigma chi you've been checking out since last year's tailgates...

monday morning quarterback

with the 2009 college football season kicking off this weekend, fans are gearing up for tons of pre-game preparations. no, i'm not talking about studying stats, purchasing tickets, ordering special channels or even looking for a place to park to tailgate...it's all about figuring out what to wear!

i'll admit, i still love this shirt, but it's time to move on from the witty college tees...

in recent years, especially in the southern states, team t-shirts just don't cut it anymore. we girls (and guys...ever been to a tailgate with the frat boys in themed sperry's or pastel chinos and bow ties?!), put more planning than ever into our outfits, whether its the georgia peaches in their red & black shift dresses with matching ribbons, lsu ladies in their purple ruffled tanks, or alabama belles in their houndstooth skirts.

that's why every monday throughout football season, i'll be offering a playbook of sorts to help you put together your outfit for the weekend. i'll coach you on where to find specially made gameday dresses, create one-of-a-kind outfits, how to dress fresh at each game while sticking to a budget, and more.

check back tomorrow for your first monday morning quarterback post (or wednesday morning for this first one), and then again each monday for follow-ups!