yes to the dress?

i took a peek in macy's on my lunch break to look for the white blazer that's been filling my wardrobe dreams lately. i couldn't find one and got a little off track, however, because the cityplace location has an unbelievable impulse section that always catches my attention.

today, it was the rachel rachel roy vita dress that sucked me in with all its white lace and fringe gorgeousness (you may remember my undying love for the rachel line at macy's from a past post). against my better judgement i tried it on, knowing i shouldn't spend the money.

one problem: i think i am in love. what's a girl to do? yes to the dress at $129? it's actually a pretty decent price for designer standards, but my husband's heart might skip a beat...at which time i'll remind him of the new adidas soccer cleats he just bought that i'll share with you later this weekend ;)


p.s. the mint free people skinny jeans in the background were unfortunately too tight, but only $50 if you're in the market. the blue bcbg max azria wide-leg dress pants were oppositely too big, but equally cute at $100. plus, both are on sale and an extra 20 percent off if you have macy's wow pass this week.

update: i bought it!! i have a feeling you will be seeing this hot little white number again very soon...


always in 'style.'

the old testament, vogue, the associated press stylebook...they are each "the bible" to some either because of faith, fashion or journalism, and today one of them uncovered its recent makeover. 

the ap stylebook is the guiding light for journalists and pr pros (and for many of you bloggers); containing commonly misused and misspelled words and punctuation, along with other rules. i learned it like the back of my hand in my early days at the university of north florida and florida state university, or else i would've faced the same failed doom as many others in my reporting class. instead i learned to love it. and it's even more "in style" now with its new look...even though i still refuse to write in caps.

not only does it look like it has a purple cover with neon accents - so "in" right now - but the associated press also added 185 fashion guidelines, which is by all means awesome. 

i'm still waiting on my book to come in since a coworker and fellow blogger, jenifer of così buono! (great news for all things italian, including style), tipped me off on its 2012 launch today. as a sample, here are a few of the entries that were scooped, and yes i will designate the proper nouns where necessary, against my will.
  • haute couture: to all people in fashion, for the love of god, please learn this one. especially in brand names. "couture" apparel is one of a kind and a designation by the french ministry. stop using it so frequently just because it sounds posh. i hate this one almost as much as misusing "your" and "you're." any ideas on what most people really mean when they misuse it? hint: scroll to the top.
  • Savile Row: the shopping street in london known for its bespoke tailoring.
  • A-Line
  • hoodie: can now stand on its own without elaboration.
  • Giorgio Armani
  • one-word terms like pantsuit, bodysuit, sweatshirt, trenchcoat: i don't really agree that these should be one word, but whatever.
  • zoot suit: i don't know why this is included. who still writes about these except when referencing the cherry poppin' daddies?

i just wish i had been tested on these in college instead of how to abbreviate "idaho." what do you hope is included in the stylebook's fashion guidelines?


d.i.myself: multi-color denim shorts.

if you've been keeping up with the blog - or society for that matter - you know that ombré, watercolors and neon are all pretty hot and popping up everywhere for spring and summer. i've personally had my eye on levi's vintage sherbet shorts for more than a month, which combine all three. they've been stalking me at some of my favorite places like brandy meville and urban outfitters, but as much as they always catch my eye, i just couldn't bring myself to spend $52 on a pair of multi-colored jean shorts i can only wear on weekends, plus i'm not a big fan of high-waisted denim.

it was on a lunch break shopping trip to michael's craft store that i realized i could make them myself for a lot cheaper. michael's had a section in the back meant for kids with all sorts of tie dye materials for t-shirts, including a spray-on kit of neon fabric colors by s.e.i. tumble dye that would look perfectly when merged with an old pair of abercrombie & fitch cutoffs i've hung on to since college. i instantly added the kit to my shopping basket.

shorts shown here with a white forever 21 zipper tank and feather earring, 
bcbg max azria lace-cut cuff, and sandals from target.

dying the shorts only took me 10 minutes and about a half-day's worth of waiting time, and the final product was well worth the time and approximately $9 it cost me. want to do it yourself too? here's my simple step by step tutorial:

- a clean pair of light blue or white denim cutoffs 
(or pick up a cheap pair of jeans from goodwill and cut them to the ideal length yourself)
- s.e.i. tie dye kit from michael's: i used neon, but any colors you want will work
- rubber gloves to keep that manicure clean
- newspaper to keep your workspace clean

lay out your shorts face down on the newsprint. to get the same bold, saturated look i have - which works best for darker denim - make sure they're dry. for a lighter, watercolor look that will bleed a little, perform step 1-3 on wet shorts. 

first, with the gloves on, grab the color you want most of (i chose pink) and start spraying either the left or right leg of the shorts from the bottom up. cover the whole leg from top to bottom, spraying more pumps on the bottom, where the ombre look will be the darkest. then flip them over and do the same to the front side. it's ok for the side that is already dyed to touch the paper.

next, grab the second color, in this case blue, and start spraying again from the bottom, but this time, stop when you're halfway up; about an inch or two below the pocket. it's ok if the blue and pink to overlap a little, and in fact, it's encouraged because it adds a tinge of a whole new color in the middle...purple. flip them over and repeat on the back.

you're onto the last color now - green for mine - so start spraying it on the space that is left over. it doesn't have to be perfect. it's good if some spaces look a little washed out, or even if a little drips onto the wrong space. it all gives the design more character.

voila! the "hard" part is over. now just wait until the dye completely dries. i let mine dry over night because the florida summer heat and afternoon rain made it so humid outside on my patio.

once the shorts are dry, throw them into an empty dryer on high heat for at least 15 minutes so the dye can officially set and become permanent (*note: i haven't actually washed mine yet to confirm this, and plan on doing so with beach towels or on their own...just in case some of the dye bleeds).

and that's it! so easy. here's the final product:

< if you try it out on your own, please share with us! post a photo of your creation to our facebook page, or use the tag, #ppb_diy to instagram, pin or tweet the pic.


loVely nails.

memorial day weekend has been good to me so far, starting out with an early morning ocean swim with friends and a trip to the pool with my husband and jane austen today. it was followed by a manicure and pedicure with my friend jennifer at tipsy salon & spa in jupiter, which was much needed and a sweet thank-you she gifted me at her baby shower a few weeks ago.

it had been a while since i had my nails done, so i wanted to do something fun. i went with neon and neutral after seeing a cool chevron-ish design on pinterest recently from the french site, pshiiit.com

i had mine professionally done in gelish polish by tipsy's cute nail tech, lisa, but it'd be pretty easy to do it yourself too. just swipe on some nude-colored paint, followed by a thin "v" on each nail in neon pink to really make the color pop - and match my outfit, as you can see in the pic! you can use a very thin paintbrush if you have one, otherwise a toothpick might work if your base coat is dry already.

so as you can see, all in all it was a good, relaxing day. i rounded out the day with the new god bless america movie (not for the faint of heart, but pretty hilarious and scary at the same time), and some diy action, which you'll find out more about tomorrow...


sunset at sailfish.

as a palm beach county native, sailfish marina has always been one of my favorite places. i practically grew up on the boat there, later learning to fish, dock a boat and drink a beer with my dad all within the slips right there on singer island. the memories from the sunset celebration - a.k.a. sunset at sailfish - along the docks every thursday evening started even earlier, with my mom selling her handmade jewelry and fish and bubble-embellished children's clothing among the other artists and crafters back in the 80s.

it was those memories that swarmed back in tonight as the family and our friends headed back for a summer sunset after work. we started with grouper dogs and the art festival's classic "orange crush" cocktail before checking out the vendors. that's when two cute little kids walked up with this perfect sale pitch off the back of their dad's boat.


while i didn't want to look like a tourist wearing a haiwain lay hawaiian-style lei in florida, there was no way i could say no to these adorably determined faces, selling leis made from frangipanis, fishing line and hooks for only $1.50.

my sister and friend maria got the first two readymade floral necklaces, and the boys made sure to give me these bonus gifts while i waited as they made mine:

i proudly wore the final product all over that marina.

to go back earlier in the night, it wasn't all about the flowers. while waiting for my family and friends to arrive before hitting the art show, i took a stop in the the ship store i knew so well growing up.

although i'm not usually into the tropical clothes that are typical of beachy florida, i have to say, the sailfish shop has come a long way from all those tommy bahama clothes from 10 years ago...

expensive for a sundress, but this is just one of the few prints and patterns that stuck out to me from this brand.

sealife medallion straw clutch, bag lady by mudpie, $35.
very palm beach-chic, lined in none other than hot pink and a gold sea shell.

i snapped a picture of these friendship bracelets too, because the buyers for the shop probably have no idea just how "on trend" they are right now by selling these, which are most likely meant for kids.

have you been to sunset at sailfish before? what are your favorite parts? i didn't get into the vendors tonight since many didn't show up due to rain earlier in the day, but we'd love to hear your thoughts about them in the comments below.


watercolor is the new ombré.

ombré? that is so last month.

now it's all about watercolor prints, as shown by alice + olivia, oscar de la renta in the 2013 resort line, and even by my friend and co-worker, cassady, at sunfest recently.

i'm hearting watercolor-inspired designs lately too. today i pulled one of last year's anthropologie dresses out from the back of the closet to showcase the trend. the artistic colors are great, as is the sexy yet classy open back, but i always have to suck it up about the crazy cowl-neck it has going on. 

what are some of your favorite watercolor-inspired products? there are a few fun iphone and macbook skins i've been swooning over, but we certainly welcome more ideas. post links to your picks in the comments below.


red sole special.

about three or four years i ago mistakenly/regretfully/shamefully - however you want to put it - missed the opportunity of a lifetime to by picking up a pair of $245, size 7, neon yellow christian louboutins off the metal sale rack at saks fifth avenue at the gardens mall...and then setting.them.down.

i have no idea what i was thinking...that $245 was too much? that would have been the purchase of a lifetime. i went back right away the next day, but it was too late. well i may have gotten a second chance today. ok, not exactly. or even close to exactly, but i was able to find a similar pair...without the red soles. 

it was the first time since that day that i've seen a pair of neon yellow pumps for less than $600 since then (or the first pair that did not look like they should sold by a discount bikini and t-shirt vendor on the jersey shore, anyway). while browsing the buy one, get one 50 percent off promotion at nine west today i spotted the love fury heels in neon yellow patent leather (they also come in neon pink and orange)! 

i've held on to the $100 gift card i received for my birthday for quite a while now, and felt that it was finally time to cash it in. i got these and another pair from the sale section to total just a little more than my gift card. 

only problem...they don't ship until july 16. i just hope the neon look isn't out by then.


weekend digs.

look all over the blogosphere, pinterest and magazine spreads and you'll see that mixing neon and neutral is the hot topic. i'm typically a neutral-only type of girl, but have been trying to vary it up this spring, and my weekend outfit didn't stray far from this trend.

i had to make a somewhat unexpected trip to see family in sarasota across the state today, so i recycled this outfit to wear for my drive time...and found out it also worked soaked in salt water during an impromptu kayak trip to the sandbar off long boat key with the cousins i hadn't seen in close to 15 years. my new, practically fluorescent pink, boyfriend roll-up shorts from gap paired nicely with an old gray and white plaid tank by forever 21's heritage 1981
for a relaxed look.

want to see other more interesting views of the outfit? check out the blog's instagram roll to see it - and me - in action looking like a fool on the kayak.


prêt-à-porter palm beach on 'links à la mode'

it's our first week being part of independent fashion bloggers (which provides awesome ideas for all of us girls and guys who love to write and shop but may not be so good at running a website), and prêt-à-porter palm beach made it to ifb's weekly roundup, "links à la mode", with the festival fashions blog post about street style spotted around sunfest. if you haven't read ours yet i hope you'll do so, but be sure to check out the artistically fashioned posts from other fantastic fashion bloggers below.

art at the heart

for many of this week's submissions, art was the center theme. from diy projects to festivals, museum exhibits and dramatic runway sets - there are so many ways that art manifests itself in the world of fashion, not just in the clothes we wear. we create it, it moves us, it changes our mood and makes our world a more beautiful and magical place. i loved reading posts about the costume institute's new exhibit, chanel's crystal runway set - and even how to make a glitzy pair of mui mui-inspired sunnies.
edited by taylor davies

links à la mode: the ifb weekly round up: may 17th
skirt sale at shopbop: dkny, a.wang skirts, helmut lang, minis, jean skirts, splendid, jenni kayne, ag skirts, tibi, cacharel, alc, pencil & hervé skirts

please read if you would like to participate
if you would like to submit your link for next week’s links à la mode, please register first, then post your links here. the html code for this week will be found in the links a la mode group will be published later today. ~jennine


stop for directions.

my friend teresa invited me to spin class today and since it's been so long since i've worked out seen her, i was all over that. only problem - i was already at work when i noticed the text, and i don't think my below-the-knee thrift store skirt or hippie-chic jessica simpson heels ( < yes, i just said that) would work very well for cycling.

lucky for me, my man is into spinning today too, so i asked him to grab some workout clothes for me from home, and it shouldn't be too hard for him to pair up some of my matchy matchy lululemon apparel, and my insanely neon, "highlighter" asics gel-noosa tri sneakers are pretty hard to miss.

his text response? "just send me a map of your closet with directions." 

haha, very funny. i get it, my closet is almost the same size as the bedroom itself...with a lot of clothes shoved in there. but since not exactly everything i want to wear is in my closet, i figured he had a point. so here is my obnoxiously detailed map, complete with color-coded directions per storage location.

 zoom for more detail. extra points if you can tell who's on tv.


vamp it up.

a few months ago i wasn't sure how i felt about lana del rey...or her less than stellar performance on "saturday night live." after this week and her walk down the red carpet at the met gala, however, i'm thinking a bit differently. besides her unbelievable dress and to-die-for cape by joseph altuzarra, her dramatic blood wine-stained lips rounded out one of the costume institute ball's best looks in true vamp fashion, even if it was more fitting for autumn or winter rather than a spring event. check out the full look at vanity fair.

she wasn't the only celeb to purse her plum lips at the gala either (just one of the few to do it right). camilla belle and kate bosworth worked the pre-show photogs in dark lipstick hues, and jessica alba, kate upton and sofia vergara showed off bright reds and pinks. the bold lip was one of the hot trends at the event, next to peplum-skirted dresses and bright yellow and orange gowns.

the bold lip is one of my favorite accessories the past few months, as it instantly transforms a black leather skirt, sundress, colored jeans or cocktail attire into something that's a little more high fashion or formal. and surprisingly it still works on my thin, almost non-existent lips to help pack a punch.

want to pull off lana del rey's deep lip color yourself this weekend? after months of searching for the right red and perfect purple hues and coming up empty, i finally layered the two of these and found a match i think you'll like. here's my secret mix:

first, layer on the sephora rouge cream lipstick in "bewitch me," which is the darkest in the collection...

then add a quick swipe of mac cosmetic's "russian red" and blot. you're all set! it doesn't look like a huge difference in the pics, but trust me, in real life the red helps tone down the purple so it's not so gothicly harsh.

it's pretty long lasting, too. touch-ups are only needed every now and then, even though i don't use a lip liner. besides, even when a bit wipes off, the stain leaves a slight ombre look that's oh-so "in" right now.

the best part? when i'm wearing it i can drink all the pinot noir and cabernet i want with no worries. now i just need to find a cape...


style report: colbert gets fashion lesson

stephen colbert is a nightly guest in our home, maybe not literally, but he may as well be with how often i hear his voice. one thing my husband mistakenly forgot to tell me, however, was that the queen of fashion herself was on the colbert report last night. here's the clip:

i can't wait to watch it from the dvr tonight when i get home so i can see the perfect pairing of anna wintour's watercolor-printed dress, sparkling jewels and iconic bangs in hd. she has cute a cool demeanor and the back-and-forth between her and colbert about gay marriage and the art of fashion is hilarious.

what do you think of ms. vogue's interview?


simply tweet accessories.

last night i dragged myself in the house late after a day of work followed by a dinner meeting with some lovely ladies from the junior league of the palm beaches at cafe sapori. i was ready to crash in bed when i saw my husband left a black box and fedex slip waiting on the stairs for me.

it was the personalized bauble bar necklace i had been waiting for! the little nameplate, or "twitter-plate" as they call it, is just as delightfully sweet as i'd expected it to be in rose gold. it features the account name for both the blog's instagram and twitter handles: @pretaporterpb.

want your own? bauble bar makes them in silver and yellow gold, in addition to the blush-colored version for $88. if you're new to bauble bar and want to save $10, you're in luck! just become a member by creating an account and they'll take $10 off your first order of accessories. there's lots of fun promotions and surprises in store as a member, so you won't regret it.

managing more than one account? even though i went with the bauble bar version, i was pretty close to purchasing survival of the hippest's "two-name tweetheart necklace," simply because i've accumulated quite a few twitter handles over the years and thought i might need a second line. if you're in the same boat, you may want to check out their options as well.

now i can't wait until the next tweetup! in the meantime, find me on twitter, instagram and pinterest to keep up with all the travels of this pretty little tweet-plate.


great minds think alike.

hmm...the new york times just released its "waterworks: best summer swim" piece and page 6 on the list looks awfully familiar. what do you think??

if i remember correctly - and i do - the little ole prêt-à-porter palm beacher posted about both the zinke starboard one-piece and its little peplum skirt, as well as the h&m bandage-style bikini...back in march.

great minds think alike, i guess! congrats to zinke and h&m for making an ny times "best" list...and ours!


sunfest street art.

having sunfest withdrawls already? not to worry. there are a few festival pieces you can still visit without having to wait until may 2013, that is, if you were a fan of the art.

there were a few art dealers with a fashion focus that both my husband and i stopped to check out, starting with these mistura timepieces, which were probably the coolest watches i've ever seen.


we chatted with the owner for a minute, a colombia native and really nice guy who took the time to tell us all about them. the watches came in so many cool colors, straps of different widths, and faces made with exotic wood from south america...all one-of-a-kind and eco-friendly, so you know i was hooked. i couldn't decide on just one for myself, but if alex had his way he would have taken home the white cracked leather band shown on the upper right. the pieces range from about $165 to $200, with some a little more, some a little less.

our next long stop was at the booth for andremi designs, and with so many interesting and innovative items "for the bohemian and the princess," i didn't know where to look. the bison leather "pocket belts" (much cooler twist on the fanny pack) and some leather belt/skirt thing (some things just don't need an official name) were what brought me in, but the leather and stone rings, cuffs and intricate macrame necklaces kept me around. 

the owner of this booth was from colombia also - a land that apparently breeds hot design - and explained some of the products to us. the pieces are pricey, but the materials and craftsmanship seem to make it worth the cost. unfortunately he wouldn't let me take a photo of the product though, even for the blog, so you'll have to settle for his sign here and then go check out the website.

moving away from accessories and onto outfitting the home, we were on our way to see joan jett when we were captivated by the whimsical little mixed-media illustrations from pbs artstudio. artist patti ballard and her husband were great to tell us the stories behind all her work, and we couldn't keep our eyes off all the mermaids, angels, fairies, animals and other storybook characters she created. they're the perfect mix of pretty and edgy, just enough to get the the attention of not only me, but alex too. if we had a little girl, it'd be safe to say her room would be covered in these.

we couldn't leave without adding at least to our home; the difficult part was choosing which to purchase. we picked up these two prints for the sunfest deal of $50 total, titled "so happy together," and "in my own little world." want your own? check out her etsy shop.

the last booth that caught my attention was the garnier fructis salon, even though i didn't take advantage of it. they gave away samples to festival-goers within the space, but it was the large mirror at the self-style station that came in handy for the girls with wind-blown, sweat and sun-soaked hair. damn good marketing, if you ask me.

what were your favorite parts of sunfest - the music, art, fashion or food? share with us in the comments, especially if we can check out some of the artists now that the event is over.


festival fashions.

yesterday was a whirlwind of sun, sounds and street style at sunfest in downtown west palm beach, and the prêt-à-porter palm beacher caught a lot of it on camera. 

while the music, art, food (um...crawfish? yes please!) and on-tap margaritas were awesome, the majority of the fashions didn't seem to be quite up to par with coachella. that being said, it is a bit different demographically as a family-friendly event for all ages, and we were able to spot a few cute girls - and guys - rocking trends mentioned in friday's post.

here are some looks we picked out of the crowd:  

fashionable foursome: boaters' hats, fringed tanks + ankle boots

 leila and dara in neon + sheer lace maxi skirt; a head wrap + crocheted top

 kady with a hot pink lip + combat-style boots; brittany with a side braid + tribal top

cassady in a very palm beach-esque, watercolor-inspired dress

my little sis, ashley, in a tiered lace top, converse + cross-body bag. her
"skanking" gear for the mighty mighty bosstones, apparently. 
(what's "skanking," you ask? i did too. strange dancing down
in the pit, similar to moshing but much friendlier!)

even the dudes were aware of their apparel. pete and jarrett both sported surfer tanks
and board shorts, much like most of the 20-something men in attendance.
pete took it a step further adding in the neon trend and these shoes...

pete wore some dirty pink sperrys, minus the laces, and i have to say i liked the look.
my husband, alex, wore his classic chucks, this time in pinstripe.

it's evident that cross-body bags, baggy tanks, cuffed denim shorts, sandals and sneakers were popular, but it was the bright colors, lace and boots that stole the show. the festival fashions seemed to be the best early in the day, especially jamming around the michael franti & spearhead concert...which by the way, moved directly behind us during a part of the day, shown below. and let me tell you - michael franti certainly has stage style with those good looks, tattoos and dreadlocks.

and what did i wear? i wasn't much of a wild child myself because of the heat, donning a black maxi skirt, taupe crop top and fringed handbag from brandy melville, beaded sandals from nine west, a belt from h&m cat-eye sunglasses from urban outfitters and a few of my favorite chained necklaces. a body chain, purple hair chalk and a bold lip were almost part of the outfit, but with temperatures in the upper 80s...there's no way i could make them work!

i can't make it to sunfest today, but want to see more. so if you're there, send me your street style pics at pretaporterpb@gmail.com or tweet them to me at @pretaporterpb so we can keep up with it all here!


sunfest street style.

i was bummed that i couldn't attend coachella this past month, and my husband and i weren't able to make tickets to outside lands music festival work either. the worst part about it? i'm missing out on all that bohemian style.

think crop tops, colored denim, lots of lace, high-waisted shorts, neon belts, vintage tees, braided hair, head wraps, fringed purses and military boots. mini skirts, high-low skirts, sheer skirts. hippie chic mixed with 10 percent 80s wear and 10 percent 90s.

luckily, here in downtown west palm beach we have sunfest. the intracoastal-lined arts and music festival spans five days and has really proven itself over the years with top national acts...now let's see if it can hold up to the fashion.

i've got my outfit planned for the joan jett concert and all the 90s bands i'll be seeing tomorrow...what are you wearing? i'll be snapping a few pics to capture some of the best street style, but want you to send me shots of your looks too at pretaporterpb@gmail.com.

here's one of my friend lilia from last year in cute but casual palm beach county fashion. she was on the ombre and maxi dress trends ahead of the game - before they blew up everywhere this year.

need more inspiration? check out the lookbook.nu post with bcbgeneration, urban outfitters' "behind the scenes" pinterest board, or a few of my top festival fashion picks here:

only thing to remember? it's florida. it's going to get to around 84 degrees tomorrow...you're going to want to lose that leather.


follow-back girl.

i usually don't condone tagged facebook surveys, memes, app invites or any social media "chain letter" of the sort, but today i stepped outside my comfort zone and participated in an instagram photo-a-day challenge.

i learned about it by reading sydne summer's post on sydne style, who is participating in a fashion and beauty edition of the challenge for the month of may with daily themes developed by modly chic

today's inspiration? mirrors. i took the opportunity to take a pic of my outfit prep for tomorrow's work day with my new h&m peplum-skirted top in front of my favorite mirror in the house.

want to get in on it too? here's the list, and be sure to use the hashtag, #fbphotoadaymay, as you're instagramming. don't forget to follow along at @pretaporterpb too, or if you're not on instagram, follow on twitter, pinterest or facebook to get the latest.

1. mirror
2. accessory
3. blue
4. essential
5. inspiration
6. shopping
7. blush
8. pattern
9. green
10. lipstick
11. relaxed
12. after hours
13. makeup
14. closet
15. yellow
16. eye
17. nature
18. true beauty
19. shoes
20. your runway
21. pet peeve
22. fabric
23. street style
24. denim
25. legs
26. sun
27. art
28. red
29. covet
30. friends
31. smile

post your instagram handle below so i can follow back and see all your prêtty-à-porter pics along the way!