shop my closet.

have you ever wanted to shop your friends' closets? well now you can, even peeking into the closet of some of those "friends" across the country.

so you may have read last week that i'm moving to california...in two weeks! and before that, you can see i was trying to move out some of my clothes, handbags, shoes and jewelry that while it's hard to say goodbye, i can't take with me. plus, let's just say that rent is a little steeper in los angeles, and i'm gonna need that extra cash!

well, after trying almost all other options i gave in to the facebook ads for poshmark and signed up after hearing from a fellow blogger that she's had success. it is by far the most fun way to sell so far, even though i haven't actually sold anything yet. the problem is...i also want to buy, buy, buy! tons of allsaints leather jackets, ankle-straped heels from zara, gap boyfriend jeans and new-with-tags swimwear from stone cold fox keep seeking me out!

so, want to see it for yourself? here's a preview of my closet @pretaporterpb:

 shimmering pearl-colored jacket by isaac mizrahi for target

striped linen skirt from anthropologie

gold sequined sheer top from arden b

nine west brown crocodile-inspired flats

chocolate patent leather chunky heels by nine west...worn twice with tights!

bright green nine west strappy heeled sandals

click through to my account if you want to view more (with a touch more color!), which also has "racks" that include a theory dress, bcbgmaxazria gowns, skirts from h&m and banana republic, and tops from lucky brand, top shop and more.

and even though i'm hesitant to share because i don't want you to steal the items i want to snatch up, here are a few other cute closets i'm prone to scanning through:



hey girl.

hey girl. you look great reading this blog.

since the only thing you probably care about right now is looking at the photo below, i'll make this brief. i read on nylon blogs today that some genius named katherine champagne created a google chrome extension called hey girl that turns any website into a dream...meaning ryan gosling graces the pages. 

 honestly i can't think of anything better than this...learning to make
bakingdom's nutella pretzel brownies while looking at ryan gosling.

forget endless baby pics on facebook (or prêt-à-porter palm beach lately), and get excited to go online shoe shopping with a side of gosling. i bet it will make reading the news more fun too.


throwback thursday: hello hollywood.

"all right, mr. demille, i'm ready for my close-up."

so i'm 99.9% sure that is not what i was thinking when this pic was snapped, and instead was preparing for my post-2nd grade summer camp debut as lead actress. i guess i really got into character! those tube tops are hysterical, and i kinda like that faux fur shawl. who knows, since acting didn't work out, maybe i have a future as a costume designer.

funny enough, i just reconnected with an elementary school friend yesterday, who i'm pretty sure "wrote" the play i performed in that day...which is reason #1 why it's this week's #tbt or #mff.

reason #2? i'm happy to inform you that prêt-à-porter pb will soon be prêt-à-porter la (hey, at least it rhymes!). yes, the adult version of the person in this photo will soon be making her way to hollywood too...or more like west hollywood, marina del rey or manhattan beach if all goes as planned.

more news to come, but the short story is that in a couple weeks i'll be joining my man who's already been out there working for a few months.

and no...i don't plan on living on sunset boulevard, no matter how this post started.

a better view from work: h&m at cityplace.

it's almost here and downtown west palm beachers will soon rejoice...h&m is a few bolts closer to opening at cityplace.

after working - and shopping -  there every day, hearing the construction and peeking in the doors to see the progress, waiting for h&m to open is like waiting for paint to dry. i feel like a girl whose mom just told her she can get that monster high doll...but not today.

but now with these big, bold and beautiful models staring at me every time i walk past, i can better imagine pretend i'll look like them when i wear the clothes myself. ahh, just another addition to the never-ending hole i'm burning in my wallet from my weekly (sometimes daily) lunch break trips to anthropologie, francesca's, gap and the free people section at macy's.


bohemian baby.

some people are just born with style. literally. 

and then there are some children that i am actually envious of because their wardrobes are better than mine (remember quinoa?). but to take it a step further, an extra few have the attitude that goes with all that fashion sense.

case in point: miss b.

just look at this bohemian baby! this is one of my best friend's little girls and she is so perfect in every way, as are her clothes, from her head to her toes. i seriously want this whole outfit, complete with the bracelet.

here are a few more "looks" i just had to share. (for some reason i feel like i have to put "looks" in quotes since she is a toddler.)

haha! look at that stance!

remind you of anyone?

those sandals! and that on-trend headband.

i call this one baby gaga.

feels really weird to be out-dressed by a baby. come on, mint green denim? 

as you can tell from these photos, she has the best shoe collection for an 18-month-old i've ever seen.

so take these for what they are...either inspiration for your baby or your own apparel, or just really cute pics!


throwback thursday: duck bill bikini.

since florida's spiny lobster season kicked off this week, it's only fitting that today's #tbt - or as we dubbed with last week's launch on facebook, #mff - is a blast from the past from one of my family's many weekend trips to the florida keys.

as you can see here, i was certainly a bronze beach baby. i practically grew up on my dad's boat, and in addition to being able to water ski, snorkel and fish better than i can now, i apparently also had better style.

first of all, i wore bikinis, which was a little edgy for kids back then...and yes, those are duck bills with faces on the top of this one. i remember it was a christmas gift from my mom's cousin. only in the palm beaches would that work! i kind of want the adult version of this now, except i think people may not be as amused by it as when i wore it as a child.

besides the swimsuit, i also apparently had super cool oversized reflective wayfarers (which were probably actually my dad's) and mini pink and navy thong sandals. ahhh those were the days.

coast to coast: brandy melville comes to florida ♥

holy heck. how did it take me more than a week to hear about this?! one of my favorite apparel brands has finally made it's way - first overseas, and then from the west coast - to the palm beaches...

so delicately described as "feminine with an urban twist," pacsun smartly saw the potential in brandy melville, which blends european flair with the hippie-chic california lifestyle, and is stocking it in stores as of july 31.

i've been pushing for a west palm beach location since i first spotted brandy melville in santa monica in 2011, and even though it's not an official shop, i cannot wait to head to the gardens mall and check out what they have in store now that it's here. does anyone know if bm is keeping the same one-size-fits-all and affordable options at pacsun too?

the only potential downside i see? i'm afraid my "secret" brand of choice will soon go mainstream in florida too (i know it's not the same level...but remember what happened to the old "surf" brand, mossimo??). even so, i still wish this pretty little company all the best on its new endeavor and am supremely stoked that it's here!


beauty, brains + balance.

growing up, athletics did not come naturally to me. i'm super clumsy, often tripping over my own feet - or others' - and even getting a concussion at discovery zone (remember that place?!) by running into a tube when i was nine years old.

my incredibly bendy little sis, on the other hand, is so much more graceful and balanced than me. case in point? this pic:

she looks so carelessly cool in perfect pose on this floating yoga mat of sorts, looking like she was practically born that way without any fear she'll topple over into the water. 

and she even knows how to properly style an outfit for headstands on a yogaboard in the middle of the water too, so you know i'm proud. she's wearing her new favorite workout apparel - nike pro print compression shorts - which she wears to run, spin, yoga, trx or practically anything these days. i'm tempted to get a pair too, like this playful pattern sure to make a statement from dick's sporting goods:

while i'm still uncertain about trying yogaboarding, she claims that flexing and posing on a paddle board is not so difficult, thanks to the boga yoga stand-up paddle boards

want to try it yourself? if you missed it last night, blueline paddle surf, just across from the iconic lighthouse in sunny jupiter, offers a number of classes and rentals. this was taken during a yow class (yoga on water) tuesday evenings at 6 p.m. the cost is $10 per person or $5 if you byob...b for "board," not "beer," people. even cheaper than a regular yoga class...pretty good deal, if you ask me!


throwback thursday: 80s jumpsuit.

by 9 p.m. four months ago tonight you were probably already sick of seeing #tbt from at least 75 people in your newsfeeds, but here's another one to add to your queue. pretty sure it's my first "throwback thursday" ever too. and no, i didn't put it on instagram (there's always tomorrow...fashion fridays, maybe?).

besides showing that i obviously already had ridiculously "imaginative" fashion choices even back then, this photo seems especially appropriate for this week. does that plaid jumpsuit look familiar? i just realized it looks pretty darn close to the black and white checked jumpsuit from glam vintage (ahem, from the same decade) that i wore to the bloggers event tuesday. except this one spans the "child lumberjack" trend too. it's what everyone was talking about in 1988, i assure you.

stay tuned next week for even more interesting outfits from the mini version of the prêt-à-porter palm beacher. she seemed to have better style than the current...minus this weird puffy jacket. haircut is pretty much the same though!