prêt-à-porter palm beacher meets the frugalista

another fashionable friend of mine at the palm beach post, aime dunstan, recently asked me to be one of her "fru-gals" in the shop style section of the paper for one of the $100 challenges. a chance to shop and challenged to create the most stylish, least expensive outfit?? of course i was in.

* photo credit: ray graham from the palm beach post

in the end, i didn't win, but i did end last week with not one, but two theory dresses for only $5.99 each from goodwill - which is just plain ridiculous...and lucky - and a slew of accessories and extra pieces gathered from shops around cityplace. i also didn't hate my posed photo in the paper, which i think is a first!

check out the
story to get my full scoop and how much i spent, plus find out about the girl who did win, and see what other "fru-gals" put together.


fab find: "what's that? a hat"

"crazy funky junky hat. overslept, hair's unslightly, tryin' to look like kiera knightley."
ok, this is not the disney channel so i will stop quoting "wizards of waverly place" now and get to the point...

urban outfitters got me again yesterday, with mention of their ridiculously good sale that popped up in my facebook feed yesterday. i shopped online and then a little more in the store. bought a few things, but the purchase i felt the best about this straw boater's hat in black. and for only $4.99, why not?

even though i don't wear them often, i've always loved hats, for a bad hair day (flashback to the wisdom of selena gomez), protecting your face on a day in the sun, or simply stepping up your accessories. the flat-top boater's hat is perfect for this, flattering to almost all faces and hairstyles, and while still current, not as trendy or overplayed as the fedora.

apparently my sis and my guy do not agree, however, as witnessed when they both laughed as i modeled it last night.

so tell me, what do you think? i'll post pics of my self in it later for further review.


fashion line of the day #10

"smiley faces are like the capri pants of e-mail.
women wear them and men wear them,
but men never should."

~ from my work roommate and the office's creative director.
more of his words of wisdom at 27collective.com.


fashion line of the day #9

"i think you're destined to have a good day
when you're wearing red shoes ;)"

~ my friend chrissy 's facebook status

i liked this little bit of fashion wisdom from my good friend chrissy today, and wanted to pass it along. red is good, but it doesn't hurt when they're pretty cute too!

i must agree with her. there's something that just feels special about red shoes (check out my red shoe post from about a year ago if you don't believe me...). i have red sandals, red round-toe pumps and more, but these are my favorite:

what shoes make you feel special?


got shoes?

as mentioned in yesterday's post, i was happily surprised to have a little fashion worked into the already-amazing conference i attended for my job tuesday. i should've known...it was in the fashion capital, nyc!

one of the most exciting parts was listening to the afternoon key note speaker, zappos.com ceo and therefore shoe (and hats, and sunglasses, and clothes...) god, tony hsieh. he told the story about running what is one of the best companies in the world to work for, and how the secret recipe is to sell customer service rather than shoes because "happy companies make the most money."

wow. what a cool guy, who also happens to be funny and smart. it's no wonder the company does so well. my only other thought?

i figured he'd have better shoes.


fashion line of the day #8

"telephone, telegraph, tell a woman."
~ estee lauder
the conference i attended for work this week - the word of mouth supergenius conference - was based on building creative grassroots campaigns, so although i knew i'd learn more about social media and other ways to enhance my clients and my own blog, finding actual fashion content was unexpected.

...which is why i jumped on the afternoon session run by marisa thalberg from estee lauder companies. she mentioned this inspiring quote by ms. lauder herself, who thalberg called the first word of mouth marketer.

just tell a woman and you know it'll get around. i love it.


i heart ny...and h&m

i heart new york, but h&m is my true love of the city (which could be because i haven't been there for longer than 24 hours since i was nine years old, but that's another story).
so obviously i was excited when i arrived in nyc for a conference tuesday, and the girls in my office and i made it to h&m within the last hour of being open. until the gardens mall store opens, living in south florida only gives me a few chances to shop at the cult-like retailer, so i was as happy as a kid in a candy store.

out of everything in the packed three-story shop, i walked out with three military-style pieces, a style i didn't even realize i liked before, and i was still very happy with my choices as i put on my khaki michael jackson-esque top to go to work this morning.

i guess this was all just practice for what's to come at the upcoming opening of the gardens h&m...can't wait, even though i'm sure my bank account can!


can't read my gerber face

if you've been following for a while, you know by now that i am obsessed with lady gaga and her wacky style...which is another reason why i had to post a photo of this little lady who is also dear to my heart. so let me present to you...

baby gaga

my cousin sent this photo of her daughter - my goddaughter - to me yesterday with the following note:

"she has on a shirt, leg warmers, a headband, a ring and a pirate eye patch, but nothing on her bottom. i love her sense of style!"

i knew she'd take after me soon enough. maybe this year we can both dress up as lady gaga for halloween!


more futbol meets fashion

if you weren't convinced by my last futbol meets fashion post that soccer is the world's most fashionable sport, then maybe yesterday's world cup finals changed your mind. the physical world cup itself traveled in non other than a luxury louis vuitton carrying case, and was originally presented by fifa officials and supermodel naomi campbell on tuesday.

ahh two of my favorite things in one...i love my louis and that shiny world cup. probably didn't hurt either that the cup was brought on the field by the gorgeous and sharply dressed italian captain, fabio cannavaro!


lulu love: 1 dress, 20 ways

all of my running buddies know that lululemon athletica is my brand of choice...i like to run in style. i don't look so hot (ok, ok, maybe i do temperature-wise) after my three-hour runs, but as least my plaid and pastel shorts still do after logging in 20+ miles.

because the brand is a little pricey for athletic apparel on my low budget - though 100% worth it as it's cute and holds up time after time - i never ventured much farther than the run: speed shorts or run: swiftly racerbacks. i might have to make an exception after this popped up in my fb newsfeed from the the lululemon athletica at The Gardens page today...
the renew dirt dress.

i love it.

the company's main website says you can wear it three different ways, which is great already, but my lovely lulu gardens girls found 20 different ways to wear it! 20! that means you could technically wear the same thing every day for almost a month! it comes in black and white, wish blue and citron, and coal and pig pink, which is by far my favorite (who would've guessed?).

which of the 20 styles is your favorite?


fab find: extra 50% off at loft

i'll admit, i haven't been the biggest fan of the ann taylor brand in the past. i'd pick up a printed cardigan here or there, but never came out with much more. lately i've noticed that both stores, ann taylor and loft, have seemed to step it up a notch though, especially in the accessories department.
since i don't go in loft that often, i almost missed a couple great finds this week. luckily for me, the palm beach post fashion piece in monday's business section mentioned the retailer's extra 50 percent discount on sale items, and included a photo of this gorgeous dress, which is now only $50...just the style i had been looking for to wear to my cousin's wedding in august.

unfortunately the gardens mall store didn't have my size when i visited last night, and now i waited too long to buy it online, but i might try to scoop it up at wellington tonight if you ladies don't get there first! act fast if you want it, because the girl at the store told me i was not the only one who asked about t"he dress from the newspaper." plus, a lot of the smaller sizes are moving quickly in all the styles, so better hurry if that's what you're looking for.
so i didn't get the dress, but what did i end up leaving with? two drastically marked down necklaces full of jewels, ribbon and femininity, and an embellished tuxedo tank for a total of only $37.


futbol meets fashion.

this time can i blame my lack of recent posts on the world cup?? always an excuse i guess!

but back to the world cup, in order to combine a few of my favorite things - clothes, soccer, and ok, soccer players too - here are a few hints to help you get both your fashion and futbol fix, all in time for the spain vs. germany game (vamos espana!) today and the finals on sunday:

even though the united states may not get it, soccer is the biggest sport in the world, and since with the game often comes some fantastically athletic bodies, world cup players make perfect male models. giorgio armani picked up on this a few years ago when it first chose david beckham to pose for its highly successful underwear and denim ads, and in may i noticed my "boyfriend" cristiano ronaldo in nothing but his armani briefs while i walking through the rome train station...and then turning around and walking back to see it again.

and we can't forget the vanity fair shoot with annie leibovitz featuring ronaldo and some of his opponents down to their underwear...

want to know what other high-end brands capitalized on the largest sporting event in the world? check out fashion dude rod hagwood's story from the sun-sentinel to learn how louis vuitton and ralph lauren got in on the action.

so you've seen enough futbol fashion (or lack thereof) and want something to wear to the games? take tips from some of last year's "monday morning quarterback" posts to re-vamp that shirt you bought overseas for 5 euro, or snag your country's colors locally for cheap.

want the real thing? do what i did and purchase a youth jersey for close to half the price of an adult size at the striker soccer supply store on okeechobee or northlake, and pair it with some skinny pants or tuck it in a cotton high-waisted skirt to make it a little more feminine. already have an official jersey? belt it and add some colored leggings to freshen it up.


on style patrol...

ok, ok, ok. i know, the prêt-à-porter palm beacher has been m.i.a. again, but this time it's for good reason! following a trip to italy and a change of location this month, i now have lots to talk about. stay tuned this week for the deliciously stylish details about milan, florence, the cinque terre and more, but until then, check out a fun project i've been working on with the office and one of our clients...the cityplace style patrol!

first up was the sex and the city 2 happy hour party filled with martinis, so you know we saw lots of ladies dressed to the nines and decked out in their manolos and jimmy choos. the style patrol spotted the hottest looks - including camouflage waterprints, feathered earrings, ruffles and girls bringing the maxi back - and then tells you where to find similar fashions at cityplace.

enjoy, feel free to comment with your favorite look, and look out for the style patrol next time you're at cityplace...

view it and more on cityplace's youtube channel: http://bit.ly/dbNqN1


the curious case of so many buttons

i leave for italy in just a few days and i'm moving into a new place just a few days after i come back...busy month! in preparation, i am trying to pack up as much as i can this weekend. going through my stuff further proves my extreme shopping habit.

indication #1 that i have a shopping problem: i found 58 "extra" buttons in my drawer, and those are just the ones i happened to keep from the past year!!

i think it's time to head to a consignment shop and possibly hold a yard sale...and maybe a re-visit to my 12 steps in heels program soon...


what to where: italia edizione!

ciao bella!

i leave for italy in just one week from thursday, and since i haven't decided what to pack yet, much less where i am staying or what i am doing when i get over there, it was a nice surprise to find this waiting for me on my desk from my boss yesterday...

even though i can't afford most (ok, fine...any) of these items suggested by travel + leisure, i was happy to notice the suggested blazer in the piece because it looks just like one i purchased for only $34 - marked down from $88 - from gap on friday.

i also plan on bringing the khaki military-style jacket i bought at gap the same day, along with a checkered scarf, my favorite skinny pants, slouchy gray boots, purple converse, a few pairs of tights and several dresses and tops in black black black for mix-and-matching purposes, but please comment with any other suggestions on what i should pack for my 10-day trip to milan, lake como, the cinque terre, florence, sienna & rome!


clothes for bros: wedding wear

i received this question on twitter today from @myPBC (follow me @pretaporterpb) and thought i would take to the blog to answer:
"question: wedding invitation says dressy/casual ? what is that? blazer with shorts no tie? thx"

short answer...i'm usually against shorts, unless it's a beach wedding, then we can potentially re-consider! and though i love love love caddy shack, i must also steer him away from going to rodney dangerfield's character for fashion advice. great idea for a themed party, but definitely do not wear this to a wedding!
long answer..."dressy/casual" and any attire ultimately depends on the location, time of year, time of day, and the couple getting married. if the couple has a wedding web site - on theknot.com, for instance - you may want to check it out to get a feel for their theme.
it's hard for men to go wrong with j.crew...

all that being said, i think for a dressy-casual wedding it's safe to go with a pair of khakis, a collared button-down shirt and tie. a good idea is to bring a blazer with you (navy is a good, casual color that goes well with khaki), which you can opt to wear or leave in the car once you get there if it looks like it's not necessary. if it's a beach wedding like many in palm beach county, go with sandals, but if it's anywhere else, go with a pair of casual dress shoes....and guys, remember, match your shoes and belt...no black with brown!

want more ideas? check out the knot's wedding dress code cheat sheet.


12 steps in heels: step 3

think jessica mcclintock, bright orange fading into watermelon pink, rhinestones, black and white color blocks, red hair dye, big silk flowers, and pink polka dots mixed with tons of tule. ya...those would be the memories of the ghost of wellington prom's past...mine to be exact. needless to say, i liked flashy fashion, even back then.

so even though it made me feel old, i couldn't have been more excited or proud when my lovely younger cousin told me she was going prom dress shopping a few weeks ago. we searched all around the mall at wellington green and she probably tried on 50 dresses, but in the end, she went with one of the first dresses she tried on. and i had so much fun shopping with her the whole time.

all this brings me to my next step to kicking my shopping addiction...

step 3 ~ if you need to get your shopping fix, head with a friend to help her or him shop for what they need...and only what they need.

in case you're wondering, here are the two she was deciding between...which one do you think she went with?

i'll post pics of the lovely prom princess and the dress she chose soon. and if you're lucky, you might even get to see some pics of my past prom days...


working with blair waldorf

well she's much nicer than blair waldorf, but mary katherine in my office looked so cute and prep school-ish today that i felt like i was working with the constance queen herself. so sad she's leaving us to move to d.c. soon. i'll miss seeing what she chooses to wear every day, in addition to her infectious smile!

want to get her look? here's what she's wearing:

~ vintage kenzo floral skirt
~ adrienne vittadini ruffled button-down
~ michael kors button sweater
~ nine west's fake salvatore ferragamos (her words...not mine!)

xoxo...you know you love me,
prêt-à-porter palm beach


rude girl

hey jerks.

mildly obsessed with rihanna's "rude boy" video right now. maybe it's the catchy sounds, rihanna's crazy hair, the trippy colors, provocative lyrics or the 80s-ish cartoons...but i love it.

i actually think it all boils down to the costuming. rihanna has always had a way with her wardrobe and i'm a fan of her little high-waisted boy shorts and animal print body suits in this video. the average person could certainly never pull these things off, but this is the kind of style creativity i'd embrace if i were ever given the opportunity!

so, go watch this video now and tell me what you think.

* photos from justjared.com


x-factor ~ "macys fashion director" web app

i stumbled across macy's new web app while following them on twitter today and got a kick out of creating the following outfit. the app allows you to mix and match tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories, fragrances and more for guys and girls with some of the latest styles available. you can play around with the rompers, jeans, one-shouldered tops, trenches and cuffs just for fun, or the site has some cute daily contests going on by asking visitors to create outfits for different events. today's challenge was to create something to wear for "coffee with an ex" and this is what i came up with.
Macys Fashion Director:

i called it the "x-factor" and i'd like to think a girl would look hot without seeming to try to hard in this. it's a little sweet and spicy at the same time with the fresh white calvin klein cargos, casual fringed tank vest and fun red wayfarers, and then she ups the edge with the spiked cuff (back off buddy!) and the all-appropriate classique x eau de toilette by jean paul gautier.

so if you agree, follow the link and vote please! and then play around with your own this week and post your links in the comment so we can vote for yours during the next few challenges :)


12 steps in heels: step 2

i've made it to day 14 of lent and still haven't shopped. this is a freaking miracle and it might be the longest i've ever gone without buying some sort of clothing, beauty product, houseware, etc. i almost caved when i found a sexy studded zipper cuff yesterday at francesca's collections, but i found a way to hold it together.

my next dilemma is because of the wedding i'm attending this weekend. i'm very excited about matt and layne getting hitched and already have the cutest little pink and navy striped dress from anthropologie to watch it all go down, but i am missing a few accessories. i took care of the jewelry by putting my old college shell skills to work, but i'm at a loss for a clutch to use for the day. i desperately want to use it as an excuse to pick up a little tory burch bag, but am resisting...which brings me to my next step:

step 2 ~ force yourself to borrow anything you absolutely "need." you can repay your friends with the same favor later.

speaking of...any of my lovely friends (insert appropriate suck-up line/compliment here) have a silver, gray or navy clutch i can borrow? :)

tik tok on the dock...

there are a few fashions that scream palm beach: lilly pulitzer dresses, jack rogers sandals, michael kors white jeans, tory burch beach bags....and most certainly pucci.

now i must admit that i've never been a fan of emilio pucci. the psychedelic patterns that show up at the polo fields here in wellington were always a little too disco for me. this spring 2010 collection definitely changed it all for me though. i've actually like every piece i've seen this season, on and off the runway, including kristen stewart's origami dress at the elle style awards last week.

all this is why i'm especially excited about the next event on our style calendar...fashion rocks palm beach, presented by the wpb dda and devine style, inc. dubbed a fashionable evening under the stars, the event will showcase pucci's spring line along downtown west palm beach's new waterfront wednesday, mar. 10. the evening kicks off at 7 p.m. with a free dockside beach party equipped with cocktails and music. then at 8:30 p.m., models draped in pucci's stunning styles will strut down the waterfront's middle dock.

keep your eye out for the designer's wrapped swim suits and matching maxi skirts, draped one-shouldered gowns, dramatic necklines and geometric sequined and feather fringed minis...this time in shocking shapes and patterns that are innovative rather than belonging under a disco ball.


12 steps in heels: step 1

i wasn't ready to publicly admit it last week in case i couldn't go through with it, but today i am officially confirming what i gave up for lent because i need your support in sticking to it. after going a little nuts (ok, maybe freaking crazy is a better description) on my amex last month, and potentially buying a house and/or visiting milan this summer, i decided to give up shopping for lent.

there, i said it. by giving up something i love for religious purposes, i feel that i am taking the first step to shopaholics anonymous recovery.

for myself and my fellow s.a.-ers (not sure? if your closet looks something like the above photo and you're not mariah carey, you belong in this group), i have come up with a "12 steps in heels" program that i will divulge to you over the course of my 40 days and 40 nights until easter.

step 1 ~ make a vow to not shop for a set amount of time that is difficult, yet realistic for you.
if you must buy a gift for someone (birthday, wedding, etc.), that's ok, but determine a price limit before you even step foot in a store. better yet, purchase the gift online so you're not tempted to buy for yourself.

together, we will get through this.


it's a nice day for a...white pair of jeans

spring is approaching - athough at an overnight low of 43 degrees in parts of palm beach county early this morning, it is certainly difficult to believe - and that means it's almost the season for white denim. i know, in palm beach you can pretty much wear them year round, but now is the time you can actually find them in stores. that being said, where is the best place to find them?

i received the following note from a friend and co-worker today:

"ok, so i’m in the market for a new pair of white jeans. who makes the best butt enhancing awesome white jeans (with just like, plain back pockets)?"

i'm partial to my white lucky brand skinny jeans, which i've had for about two years now, but i'm also on the shorter side and she's a little taller. fashion god michael kors is pretty much king of white pants and jeans, but not all of us can afford his $225 to-die-for stretch jeans. i keep coming up with "buts" ... anyone else have ideas for her? help a girl out and post your answers under comments please!
* photo from michaelkors.com



"you're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker. don't you mess around with me."

ok, so maybe my dress won't be breaking hearts while i'm wearing it to work the palm beach heart ball tomorrow, but it didn't break the bank either and i am in love with its tiered ruffles. i bought it online during bcbg's intense sale a few weeks ago - like every other dress i purchased for events recently - and at only $120 marked down from $368, i think it might be my valentine this year.


the loss of a fashion icon: alexander mcqueen

in light of today's sad news, let's look back to one of my first blog posts about one of my favorite dress designs, which was created by alexander mcqueen: no need to hit the gym.

rest in peace mcqueen, we're sad to see you go. there will be a void in the fashion world, and we'll certainly miss your avant garde style, fabulous dresses and crazy shows.


get your pultizer prize tonight

if you are looking for the epitome of palm beach style, just find a pulitzer. and maybe i'm biased because we share the same initials, but if it's the fresh and fun florida fashion you want, turn to kourtney pulitzer. the style heiress was practically born to be in this industry, and she hits the spot with her boutique on dixie highway. i haven't visited the store just yet, but i've heard good things from a few in-the-know friends.

check the place out tonight at kp's girls night out from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in addition to a showcase of the shop's new dresses, denim, shoes, jewelry and handbags, the girlish gathering will be complete with champagne, mini manis and the world-renowned psychic ms. cleo, who i must admit i've always found intriguing!

get the details on tonight's event at kp's style blog (and view pics from past events) or just stop by at 1609 south dixie hwy., suite 3 in west palm beach. i'm hoping to go tonight, but if i can't make it then i'll definitely visit the boutique soon...let me know if you want to join for a girls' day out!


fab find: ballerina flats

i’m not a very leggy girl, so unless i’m wearing a high-waisted skirt, super-short dress or seemingly leg-lengthening tights, i tend to steer clear of flats because i never feel very womanly in them. i’m picky when i do wear them, and choose not to spend a lot when buying a new pair because i know they won’t get much use.

on rare occasions i find something so beautifully feminine and cheap that i can’t pass them up…which is why i rushed down to banana republic when a couple girls in my office told me about the one pair of taupe, jeweled ballerina flats left in my size were now only $20. i’d been eyeing these for a while and the drastic discount was a sign (i like to use excuses like these to validate my purchases).

she purchased a hot pair of nude heels for herself – which unfortunately were out in my size – and there were quite a few others styles on sale too. the size choices are slim though, so hurry if you’re thinking about it! check out the new spring pastels, whites, grays and sequins while you're there...lots of good colors for florida weather.

behind the seams: catchin' a buzz

first, combine two of my all-time favorite things: fishing and fashion. then add in another element that i can't deny i like, alcohol, and what do you get? catchin' a buzz fishing co.

my friend chris therien and his brother rick started the clothing company almost two years ago with a passion for fishing...and maybe drinking too. from west palm, to sebastian, to jacksonville, the florida natives were practically born and raised to live on the water, and in 2008 translated their lifestyle into a line of fishing apparel with options for both casual fishermen (and women!) and more avid anglers.

chris does all the printing out of his house, but the guys are still able to push out a good amount of creative merchandise. you'll find tattoo-inspired and more traditional fishing shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, stickers, tote bags, koozies and more, all reasonably priced and in original designs. i personally love the girls' heart-shaped hook tanks, along with the men's scripted tees, (plus the pinup girl hoodies...so much good stuff that i guess it's hard to pick my faves), but what i really love are the bottle opener hats. they're perfect for a day offshore fishing, inshore at the cove or peanut island, or really inshore when you're tailgating and remembered everything but a way to open your corona. i'm sure my dad will appreciate not having to use a fillet knife or the back of the boat anymore.

check it all out online at www.catchinabuzz.com, where you can do more than just shopping - and keep checking because more designs pop up all the time. find out about the latest in the jax fishing scene, or e-mail them a pic of your catch of the day with you in your catchin' a buzz gear and they'll add it to the site. you'll also find select pieces at crazy fish in jax beach, the conch house marina in st. augustine, or even at a few boat shows and fishing tournaments around the state.

though catchin' a buzz didn't have a booth, chris and a group of his friends were sporting the shirts at the stuart boat show a couple weeks back and practically stole the show. i haven't seen someone's outfit receive so much attention since lady gaga wore her red lace dress and face mask at the mtv music video awards.

so next time you're looking for a good catch, put on a catchin' a buzz shirt and drink up.


i ♥ new kors

remember those perks of the job i told you about in my previous post on hospice evening's oscar de la renta show? well last weekend my job offered me the chance to live out one of my dreams during a palm beach heart ball pre-event.

while preparing for the poolside michael kors and graff fashion show at mar-a-lago jan. 23, i not only had the chance to view michael kors' spring 2010 collection backstage and hear what the man himself had to say about the collection, but i also had a little back-and-forth with him unrelated to his new line. and let me tell you...he is awesome.

i'd say kors one of the nicest celebrities i've met - confident yet seemingly humble, a constant smile on his face, going out of his way to make conversation with those around him, and stopping for every photo requested of him. the highlight of my night: michael kors complimenting me on my mini louis vuitton speedy because of its "old" look. in other words, i've used it so much the past few years that the handles are a deep, deep brown and it kind of looks like i drug it through the dirt.

kors says his line is partially inspired by lady gaga and it shows (another one of my fav things about him. he shares my love for her and was flying out to see her show in new york). models even strutted around the pool to a mix of gaga's "fame" and "love game." the line is much classier than gaga's style though, with touches of jackie o and very much palm beach.

from the "floating" dresses, cut-out ensembles, giant ball necklaces and bond girl-style bikinis, to the pastels, structured shoulders, metallic and nude pumps and high-shine pieces still fit for spring, there wasn't much about the show i didn't love...including the hot male model with the tattoos.

as you can see, i snapped a few pics of the al fresco runway on my iphone, but for a better view of the show, check out the palm beach post's fashion shots, page 2 live blog from jose lambiet, or palm beach daily new's story and video by the fabulous robert janjigian.

by the way, in case you're wondering, i unfortunately cannot afford to wear michael kors myself. instead i wore a purple silk dress with some beautiful draping that i got from bcbg for 70 percent off. but i did have on my less expensive michael by michael kors wedges!