red coat + the 'a' team.

those who are as obsessed with "pretty little liars" as me surely caught the big season finale last night. in typical teen soap opera fashion, it was as absurd and cliff-hanging than ever before. and i loved every second of it.

since "red coat" kept popping up all over this season, here are a few red hot items that might be better suited for the always stylish "a" team and friends foes to get you through the off-season. we much prefer these diagonal zippers, leather, leopard, studs and sans-sleeves to the boring apple-colored coat "a" wore...plus none have a hood to hide her face! 

red coat + the 'a' team

clockwise from left: steve madden red coat, mod cloth"always a step ahead" t-shirt, kidsonlyworld.com / distressed bomber jacket, forever 21 /embellished guess vest, shortyshorts on etsy.com / dolce vita red leopard print coat, urban outfitters

the "always a step ahead" tee is just a  bonus, as it's an on-trend and subtle way to show the show some support, and only those who watch will know what it's all about.

it's hard to wait for june 11 when the summer season starts up again, but until then, click here for an exclusive clip and look into what lies ahead that abc family posted on facebook last night.


songs for style: sister edition.

tonight i had such a fun dinner with just my little sis, which is quite rare considering our schedules never seem to allow us to be in the same place at once. keeping it classy, we started with dessert in a glass - red velvet martinis - for martini mondays before moving onto the mediterranean cuisine that didn't go at all with the martinis, but surprisingly made for an incredible meal anyway.

what does this have to do with fashion? well, nothing. except that my sister ash looked really cute in her little dress when she showed up at the bar. 

but for the real reason i'm posting this: for some reason my post-date night thoughts are going to another style icon, the '80s version of madonna, since our unofficial "sister song" is pretty much "like a prayer." either that or "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard," but for normal, non-embarrassing blog purposes, we'll stick with the first for today's song for style.

besides gotye's version of "somebody i used to know" - which i still refuse to let go of - this is probably the only song my sister and i can agree on, as it's still our all-time favorite. it goes back to the days of ash and me listening to my mom's madonna cassette tape and dick tracy soundtrack. (ask one of us the funny story behind this and we'll be happy to crack you up with the background on two naive young girls belting out song lyrics that definitely should not be coming out of four- and six-year-old mouths.)

and while the exposed bra strap look seems to be socially acceptable again whether we like it or not, we recommend taking wardrobe inspiration from a different part of this video: the cross. the cross t-shirts and jewelry are making a comeback, like the pieces shown below. get them from brandy melville, because they're darn cute whether you're religious or not. 



flavor of the week: pistachio.

earlier this week, one of our readers, rachel, asked about the difficulty of styling the new lace-up steve madden troopa boots my husband bought me for my birthday. i think i've been walking around in them literally every weekend since they were gifted to me, and her question had me thinking about how i could probably be getting even more creative with the way i wear them.

so to answer her question and make my weekends a little more interesting at the same time, i curated a few inspiration boards for the beloved boots. to start, here's the "pistachio" board for an outfit that would be fitting for a festival like sxsw, coachella or palm beach county's very own sunfest coming up (that is, if the temperatures are aligned!):

flavor of the week: pistachio.
flavor of the week: pistachio. by pretaporterpb

want to get this look yourself? make it happen with a little hair chalk and these pieces from free people, bcbg, top shop, ralph lauren, joanna laura constantine and more:  illustrated people printed shirt, top shop, free people scalloped shorts, ralph lauren denim and supply, joanna laura constantine jewelry, dannijo cuff, bcbg max azria natural stone ring, profess xtra l hair chalk in funky orange.


mad men yourself: draper style.

earlier this week it it was an ode to hbo's "girls," but today we're showing some old fashioned love to another favorite that's ramping up again: amc's "mad men." season six starts on april 7, and if you can't wait for the show and its mod 60s fashions like us, check out the tv show's app, "mad men yourself."

i went all megan draper "movie star style," adding a fur shrug and lots of accessories, of course...and they even had my new hair color! i was disappointed in that they didn't have any caricatures of outfits like the fabulous dress she's wearing in the season six preview photos though, or the longer hairstyles of the late 60s/early 70s.

my guy and i had fun making the mad men version of him too. and it looks weirdly a lot like him...except that apparently the 60s version of alex wears nicer, non-black clothing. and the 2013 alex would never be caught dead in those shoes.

and yes, this might be what i wear to work at sterling cooper draper price...maybe the martini too.

still out of place, this scene is at least a little more fitting.

this app is getting both of us in the mood for tomorrow, when we'll both be working a student film awards show that has a "retro" theme. i'm still planning what to wear, but taking from the app, as well as through costume designer janie bryant's "mad men" style videos. if it turns out well, you may be reading more about "mad men" tomorrow...


songs for style: 'girls' edition.

"what's with all the geisha shit?"

i think that may have been my favorite line in tonight's totally intriguing yet seriously disturbing episode of hbo's "girls." it even had me wondering and questioning my man as to whether he thinks i act like shoshanna - who was wearing ruffled sleeves in that scene and has a dress form in her bedroom - as much as i'd rather think i'm more like the cool and carefree jessa, whose costuming is incredible.

so, in honor of this season's sunday night obsession, which is even beats out "pretty little liars" in my tv world, today's song for style is fiona apple's "valentine," which aired on tonight's episode. (no...i did not choose kayne's "stronger," for anyone who watched marnie sing tonight and thought that's where i was going with this!) here's the link to download "valentine" on itunes.

just another reason why i love "girls." it reminded me how much i love fiona, and of my "romantic" anniversary gift a few months ago when we got to see her at the filmore down in miami...and how i got to wear the perfect dress, again.

side note: did you know there is a deborah lippmann line of limited edition "girls" nail polish on the hbo website?!?

prague pants.

living by the beach and working at cityplace should make me appreciate the gorgeous sunny weather we had today, but seeing facebook photos of my friends up north and over seas still has me itching to go back to the slopes (yes, i just pulled a humblebrag).

a lot of it started with this pic of one of my best friends, tracy, who i haven't seen since last summer...when she moved to prague! besides being jealous of that intensely beautiful backdrop that looks like scene from a postcard, she had on the most fun pants that we girls just can't get away with in florida.

she said she got them for 120kc from a stand at the kacerov metro station, and even though i have no idea what the hell that means and it will soon be 95 degrees here, i want them. 

they remind me of these snowy chic leggings i saw in the burton winter 2013 lookbook before we took a mini ski trip to beech mountain and appalachian ski mountain in north carolina last month. sadly, i didn't buy them because again, what does a (north) palm beacher need with snowflake-printed legs in post-vacation springtime? 

so, for the south floridians like me who want to get their patterned legging fix but aren't "snowed in," i recommend something slightly different. while scoping out the shops at cityplace during a video shoot today, a few of us noticed these on-trend tribal-ish yoga leggings by pink at victoria's secret. 

i love the wide band at the top and may have to get a pair of my own soon...as soon as they go on sale, anyway.

until then, stay tuned for more european trends from tracy, as we've asked her to send us the top looks (or funny finds) from the czech republic and beyond. because, let's face it, they knew about skinny pants, ballet flats and the converse comeback before we did, and we want to know what's up next.


songs for style: sunfest edition.

music can be so influential and defining in our lives in general...for example, i think there were at least three references to guns n roses during my wedding ceremony, thanks to my husband...but it is also a good representation of a person's overall style. 

so this is a new "songs for style" section i'm launching here, based off the old list of songs we had running down the side of the website years ago. every few posts i'll try to make a recommendation on a new song to listen to that is representative of my style for that day.

on today's list? "tonight, tonight" by smashing pumpkins. 

why, you ask? well first, duh, because i cannot wait to see them - or billy corgan and friends, anyway - at sunfest, which was just announced yesterday. second, it's got a super artistic music video inspired by the silent film, a trip to the moon, by georges méliès, and people just don't make creative music videos like that anymore. and last, because i had a fun night out with some of my girl friends and coworkers "tonight, tonight" at city cellar, followed by pizza with my man at my all-time favorite, mellow mushroom at cityplace.

have your own great night by downloading the song through itunes here.

sunfest lineup 2013.

hey sunfest, the 90s called and they want their music back...

but they aren't getting it.

the 2013 sunfest lineup was announced yesterday, and although there's some pluses (the bands where the middle school nostalgia will be running high) and minuses (let me put it this way...i really hate the sound of trains of all types) for my personal taste, overall i'd say it's gonna be a good year. my husband is already talking about buying the five-day pass this year, which he's never said before.

while i can't wait to see smashing pumpkins, the black crowes and even reel big fish, i'm most excited for the festival fashions to come back (it's the best i can do until i get to coachella one day!). we'll circle back at the beginning of may, but until then, take a look at some of the sunfest street style we spotted last year. 

and if you're over the music fests or just want a good laugh like me, click here to see this hilarious lineup.

p.s. sunfest, with more than 2,000 shares on facebook alone this year, not to mention blogs like us sharing your awesome news, don't forget to brand your lineup artwork next year, pretty please!