16 candles...ok fine, 25

today is my birthday and even though i am a quarter-century now and don't really feel like celebrating getting older anymore, anthropologie found a way to make me want to subtly show the world it is my special day.

the always whimsical apparel, home & more store (just check out its amazing window displays that change from season to season, extra-touch gift-wrapping or adorable gift card presentations if you don't know what i'm talking about) sends a beautifully simple 15 percent off card to its anthropologie rewards card holders during the month of their birthdays. 15 percent off is not a fantastic discount, but what makes the card memorable is the real birthday candle attached to it. when you turn over the card, you'll find that the wick wraps around and is tied in a bow with a clasp on the end, making it wearable as a necklace. this is one of the best retail marketing pieces i've seen in a long time, and i absolutely love wearing my birthday candle...as long as no one lights it tonight.

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