fashion line of the day #9

"i think you're destined to have a good day
when you're wearing red shoes ;)"

~ my friend chrissy 's facebook status

i liked this little bit of fashion wisdom from my good friend chrissy today, and wanted to pass it along. red is good, but it doesn't hurt when they're pretty cute too!

i must agree with her. there's something that just feels special about red shoes (check out my red shoe post from about a year ago if you don't believe me...). i have red sandals, red round-toe pumps and more, but these are my favorite:

what shoes make you feel special?


got shoes?

as mentioned in yesterday's post, i was happily surprised to have a little fashion worked into the already-amazing conference i attended for my job tuesday. i should've known...it was in the fashion capital, nyc!

one of the most exciting parts was listening to the afternoon key note speaker, zappos.com ceo and therefore shoe (and hats, and sunglasses, and clothes...) god, tony hsieh. he told the story about running what is one of the best companies in the world to work for, and how the secret recipe is to sell customer service rather than shoes because "happy companies make the most money."

wow. what a cool guy, who also happens to be funny and smart. it's no wonder the company does so well. my only other thought?

i figured he'd have better shoes.


fashion line of the day #8

"telephone, telegraph, tell a woman."
~ estee lauder
the conference i attended for work this week - the word of mouth supergenius conference - was based on building creative grassroots campaigns, so although i knew i'd learn more about social media and other ways to enhance my clients and my own blog, finding actual fashion content was unexpected.

...which is why i jumped on the afternoon session run by marisa thalberg from estee lauder companies. she mentioned this inspiring quote by ms. lauder herself, who thalberg called the first word of mouth marketer.

just tell a woman and you know it'll get around. i love it.


i heart ny...and h&m

i heart new york, but h&m is my true love of the city (which could be because i haven't been there for longer than 24 hours since i was nine years old, but that's another story).
so obviously i was excited when i arrived in nyc for a conference tuesday, and the girls in my office and i made it to h&m within the last hour of being open. until the gardens mall store opens, living in south florida only gives me a few chances to shop at the cult-like retailer, so i was as happy as a kid in a candy store.

out of everything in the packed three-story shop, i walked out with three military-style pieces, a style i didn't even realize i liked before, and i was still very happy with my choices as i put on my khaki michael jackson-esque top to go to work this morning.

i guess this was all just practice for what's to come at the upcoming opening of the gardens h&m...can't wait, even though i'm sure my bank account can!


can't read my gerber face

if you've been following for a while, you know by now that i am obsessed with lady gaga and her wacky style...which is another reason why i had to post a photo of this little lady who is also dear to my heart. so let me present to you...

baby gaga

my cousin sent this photo of her daughter - my goddaughter - to me yesterday with the following note:

"she has on a shirt, leg warmers, a headband, a ring and a pirate eye patch, but nothing on her bottom. i love her sense of style!"

i knew she'd take after me soon enough. maybe this year we can both dress up as lady gaga for halloween!


more futbol meets fashion

if you weren't convinced by my last futbol meets fashion post that soccer is the world's most fashionable sport, then maybe yesterday's world cup finals changed your mind. the physical world cup itself traveled in non other than a luxury louis vuitton carrying case, and was originally presented by fifa officials and supermodel naomi campbell on tuesday.

ahh two of my favorite things in one...i love my louis and that shiny world cup. probably didn't hurt either that the cup was brought on the field by the gorgeous and sharply dressed italian captain, fabio cannavaro!


lulu love: 1 dress, 20 ways

all of my running buddies know that lululemon athletica is my brand of choice...i like to run in style. i don't look so hot (ok, ok, maybe i do temperature-wise) after my three-hour runs, but as least my plaid and pastel shorts still do after logging in 20+ miles.

because the brand is a little pricey for athletic apparel on my low budget - though 100% worth it as it's cute and holds up time after time - i never ventured much farther than the run: speed shorts or run: swiftly racerbacks. i might have to make an exception after this popped up in my fb newsfeed from the the lululemon athletica at The Gardens page today...
the renew dirt dress.

i love it.

the company's main website says you can wear it three different ways, which is great already, but my lovely lulu gardens girls found 20 different ways to wear it! 20! that means you could technically wear the same thing every day for almost a month! it comes in black and white, wish blue and citron, and coal and pig pink, which is by far my favorite (who would've guessed?).

which of the 20 styles is your favorite?


fab find: extra 50% off at loft

i'll admit, i haven't been the biggest fan of the ann taylor brand in the past. i'd pick up a printed cardigan here or there, but never came out with much more. lately i've noticed that both stores, ann taylor and loft, have seemed to step it up a notch though, especially in the accessories department.
since i don't go in loft that often, i almost missed a couple great finds this week. luckily for me, the palm beach post fashion piece in monday's business section mentioned the retailer's extra 50 percent discount on sale items, and included a photo of this gorgeous dress, which is now only $50...just the style i had been looking for to wear to my cousin's wedding in august.

unfortunately the gardens mall store didn't have my size when i visited last night, and now i waited too long to buy it online, but i might try to scoop it up at wellington tonight if you ladies don't get there first! act fast if you want it, because the girl at the store told me i was not the only one who asked about t"he dress from the newspaper." plus, a lot of the smaller sizes are moving quickly in all the styles, so better hurry if that's what you're looking for.
so i didn't get the dress, but what did i end up leaving with? two drastically marked down necklaces full of jewels, ribbon and femininity, and an embellished tuxedo tank for a total of only $37.


futbol meets fashion.

this time can i blame my lack of recent posts on the world cup?? always an excuse i guess!

but back to the world cup, in order to combine a few of my favorite things - clothes, soccer, and ok, soccer players too - here are a few hints to help you get both your fashion and futbol fix, all in time for the spain vs. germany game (vamos espana!) today and the finals on sunday:

even though the united states may not get it, soccer is the biggest sport in the world, and since with the game often comes some fantastically athletic bodies, world cup players make perfect male models. giorgio armani picked up on this a few years ago when it first chose david beckham to pose for its highly successful underwear and denim ads, and in may i noticed my "boyfriend" cristiano ronaldo in nothing but his armani briefs while i walking through the rome train station...and then turning around and walking back to see it again.

and we can't forget the vanity fair shoot with annie leibovitz featuring ronaldo and some of his opponents down to their underwear...

want to know what other high-end brands capitalized on the largest sporting event in the world? check out fashion dude rod hagwood's story from the sun-sentinel to learn how louis vuitton and ralph lauren got in on the action.

so you've seen enough futbol fashion (or lack thereof) and want something to wear to the games? take tips from some of last year's "monday morning quarterback" posts to re-vamp that shirt you bought overseas for 5 euro, or snag your country's colors locally for cheap.

want the real thing? do what i did and purchase a youth jersey for close to half the price of an adult size at the striker soccer supply store on okeechobee or northlake, and pair it with some skinny pants or tuck it in a cotton high-waisted skirt to make it a little more feminine. already have an official jersey? belt it and add some colored leggings to freshen it up.