throwback thursday: cousins in rompers + 90s neon.

from standing on shoulders to standing beside each other on wedding days, this #tbt - and tomorrow's #mff - is dedicate to the best group of cousins ever (and my aunt for sending me these priceless pics from our trip to the keys!). 

sadly i can't be with them on thanksgiving this year, but i just booked my tickets to florida for christmas and can't wait to see these goofy faces at the "kids' table."

a lot of my fashion sense (at least i hope it's not a lack thereof) came from getting my "big girl cousin's" hand-me-downs. i only wish she still had this romper to pass it along now. it was the bomb. i can totally see it belted with some sheer tights, a leather jacket and boots. instead, now i'm passing along my rad style to her daughter - my goddaughter - as you may remember from an old post.

but it wasn't just her sporting the iconic 90s look. how about this dope neon look on the dudes? all that's missing is ac slater's mullet. such a safe activity we're taking part in, too.

and then there's me. i guess nothing has changed...always talking...even when i'm half asleep.

p.s. i guess this is a big week for nkotb...this is the third time i've alluded to them. pretty sure both ash and i are idolizing them on our shirts in this photo. donnie wahlberg...my sis says wassup.


rock 'n' ruffles.

one of my favorite brands is also the creator of one of my favorite blogs. free people's bldg 25 is my go-to read for horoscopes, beauty diy projects, home and wardrobe styling ideas, and even gluten-free recipes...so pretty much everything. 

just when i thought it couldn't get any better, one of the bloggers, "fpjana," revealed these killer dresses last week (and so sweetly allowed me to borrow the photos!).

photo credit: fpjana on free people's bldg 25

the perfect blend of old school rock t-shirts and feminine fringe, ruffles and tutus, i'm really developing an unhealthy love for them...which is not so good for me - or my husband - considering they round up to $200.

according to jana, the limited edition vintage t-shirt renewal dress collection is an in-house collaboration between the brand's vintage loves and we the free lines. 

photo credit: fpjana on free people's bldg 25

i'm going to add one (or two, since i can't decide between the pink or black skirt) to my christmas wish list this year. until then, they'll continue to make my heart skip a few beats and i'll just have to pair my guy's 80s gnr tees with some tule.


side note: if you choose to "pin" any of these images, please link back to the original source. thanks!


tales from the flea: holiday shopping i'm thankful for.

who needs black friday when you have the third sunday? 

the long beach antique market is simply magical. i opted to do some of my holiday shopping there this year, and while i didn't find all that i wanted, i did come home feeling satisfied with my purchases. from $1 nostalgia-inducing stocking stuffers, to a legit gas mask for a video game-loving nephew (i'm feeling pretty confident that he doesn't read my blog), i'd say it was a success.

the belle of this ball was a sweet and sparkly top that was introduced to me at the darling brandee tucker's booth, harlem ragshop 1934

it was pretty inexpensive too, which even though i just consigned a small portion of my closet, was a necessary element in my purchase since i'm prepping for the holidays and the trip back to florida. i'm thinking this is going to be the signature piece in my christmas outfit.

i also picked up a romantic, flowing frock that is perfect for my new gypsy lifestyle, even if the wandering is only around los angeles, and the blooming seasons are over for a while. the silhouette and somewhat sheer fabric is enchanting...it's practically made to wear with a floral crown. i'll post photos as soon as i can get a good pic.

but it's not all about the feminine fashion. i actually spent most of my day browsing the men's racks and grabbed this cool coat for my guy...

here are some of the other fun finds that caught my attention today:

there were some celeb sightings too, but you'll have to come next time to see for yourself. meet me at the #lbflea dec. 15.


five 90s toys that shaped today's style.

today i read a story that reminded me that every kid has a few special toys that will stick with him or her for life. if not in reality, then at least in the best of memories. and not only that, but they help shape the future adult that kid will turn out to be. for me, those toys are:

1. puffalump, which looked just like this one. like whoever posted this ebay listing, i have no idea what kind of what animal it was supposed to be, but it didn't matter. mine was from 1986, but it was still a part of my nightly sleeping habits in the 90s. i still have this one. minus the dress...and a lot of the stuffing.

 photo credit: bruser917 on ebay

2. puppy surprise. ok, so this one is kinda creepy when you think about it. it's a stuffed mama dog that has a hole in its belly where little kids can remove baby puppies like some kind of weird c-section. but i loved it. my sis and i pooled together $20 worth of coins and dollar bills we saved to buy it, and we were so frigging excited when we were "surprised" with the max of five pups.

3. this next "toy" is more like a combination of memorabilia... my new kids on the block sleeping bag and joey barbie doll (which came with an interview on cassette tape that i used to secretly listen to because he talked about his "first kiss"). i don't have pics of these anymore, but i did find this gem of a birthday invitation so you can fully understand my kindergarten nkotb obsession. i'd tell you it was my first crush, but that would be a lie since the real answer is kevin arnold from "the wonder years." and i digress...

4. lil miss singing mermaid. this one was awesome mainly because my sis and i woke up on christmas morning to a matching set of lil miss mermaid dolls, little mermaid towels and little mermaid barbies, plus a little mermaid video tape and splash tape to share for the ultimate themed gift from santa. that was a good year. i'd tell you what made the doll itself special, but i think you're better off just watching - and hearing - the commercial.

5. american girl dolls. i had felicity. ash had molly. we both had about 12 sets of their clothes and i even made a quilt for mine thanks to help from my art teacher. at the time, i idolized these dolls and the books that went with them.  

photo credit: hal0maniak on ebay

little did i know how much i would have in common with them later in life. like my shared love for feminine apparel from brandy melville. which brings me back to the intro of this post... if you're a 90s child at heart and had an american girl doll of your own, you absolutely must read this magnificent article i found on huffpost style on "what your childhood american girl doll says about your style now." you won't be disappointed.


halloweek: axl rose costume.

still stuck on costume ideas even after a whole halloweek? well here's one for a guy or a girl. strawberry blond hair not included.
halloweek: axl rose.

madewell flannel shirt / rock tank top from etsy / all-saints leather jacket / high waisted shorts from etsy / charlotte russe above knee socks / dr. martens boots / a|x armani exchange dog tag necklace / angie leather bracelet from swell.com / forever 21 stud bracelet set / toms aviator sunglasses / topman bandana

originally this was my half of our "couple's costume" for this year, and i sort of can't believe i'm sharing it. but since "a" wouldn't go to the weho event with me, i opted to give up axl rose to you guys.

i took a few liberties here, for any of you die hard fans judging this (ahem, my husband), but trust me, if you put it all together correctly, everyone will still get the idea. mainly with denim shorts versus spandex, and a choice saying removed from the jesus shirt. you could also use a black tie dye shirt and get the same effect.

don't forget to tie the flannel around your waist and the bandana across your forehead with the aviators resting on top. and show up late and act like a jerk. oh ya, and share your photos on facebook tomorrow!

throwback thursday: these are a few of my favorite things.

i'm super stoked for this week's #tbt because it combines three of my favorite things: halloween, candy and wait for it...my lovely little sis! (are you sick of her yet?)

now twenty-something years since this pic was taken, i'll be handing out the treats from our cali home for the first time - although not-so-secretly wishing i was at the west hollywood carnaval. but even better...ash comes to visit me for the first time tomorrow for a west coast weekend of shenanigans. i'll be like a kid in a candy store...or a kid going through halloween candy, or whatever.

if you think this post doesn't match the usual #mff (mini fashion fridays) theme, you're wrong. just look at ash's cute top bun and bangs! so on trend.


halloweek: south park.

here's a four-for-one costume idea you can do with your friends, or just choose one quadrant and run with it.

halloweek: south park.

h&m brown leather glove, $24 /  j.crew collection cashmere popover hoodie;
american eagle outfitters red cardigan / teal burton beanie / yellow gloves from jcpenny;
h&m brown button cardigan / red gloves from jcpenny / forever 21 blue hat and pom pom;
uniqlo vest / russian-style hat / green gloves from urban outfitters

whether you choose to be kenny, cartman, stan or kyle, this one is easy to do. each involves some type of sweater, hat and gloves, which you probably have hanging around the house. if you choose kenny, a simple orange hoodie by itself would also suffice. they're all unisex, too.

tomorrow is our last of the halloweek posts. if you still don't have your costume together after that, well, i'm not sure that there's hope!


halloweek: daria costume.

as you can see from yesterday's post, a diy halloween costume is easier than you think.

but if a bikini and ski mask is not your cup of tea and you have brown hair and bangs (or are not opposed to a wig), then try this one on for size. 

easy costume #2:

halloweek: daria.

h&m t-shirt / calypso st. barth army jacket / h&m imitation leather pleated mini skirt
mia combat boots from macy's / warby parker fillmore glasses

daria. it's super easy and i literally have something like every one of these items in my closet in order to pull it off. her best friend jane would be fun and simple to create too, if your sidekick can manage the black bobbed hair.

still not impressed? check back for even more ideas tomorrow.


halloweek: spring breakers costume.

read last the last couple hallowednesday posts and the rosie the riveter outfit post and still don't have a know what to wear on all hallows' eve? not to worry. here is the first of prêt-à-porter costumes for a "hallo-week" of ideas you can (mostly) pull straight from your closet.

easy costume #1:

halloweek: spring breakers.

halloween is the one night a year you can walk into the street and no one judges you for wearing a swimsuit...or nothing anything else for that matter. and since chances are you already own a bikini, hoodie and sneakers (the crazier, the better, in this case), you're already more than half-way to looking like you starred in the provocatively disturbing college cult flick, spring breakers.

next, raid your family's winter clothing stash for a ski mask...preferably a pink one, although i'm not holding my breath. borrow a few friendship bracelets from your seven-year-old cousin and you're set. for extra points, clasp on a gun charm necklace, since i don't recommend carrying around a gun on halloween...even if it is a toy version.

have a couple friends who want to dress the same? perfect. have a boyfriend who is willing to wear cornrows, an open hawaiian tee and a gum wrapper turned grill on his teeth? even better. you can pretend he's james franco for the night...we won't tell. 

for those who don't feel comfortable baring it all, stay tuned. i've got simple items coming your way every day this week...


songs for style: the reflektors a.k.a. arcade fire.

from robin thicke and miley cyrus to justin bieber and pink, i just can't take most of today's music "artists." sorry if i offend and sorry to jump on the "i'm too cool" hipster bandwagon (hey, i am in la now, afterall. it had to happen eventually). but besides jack white - and more recently, lorde - there just aren't many musicians of the 2010s who combine originality and talent. 

don't believe me? "the fox" song by ylvis is #6 on the billboard hot 100 this week. and i agree with it.

thank god for arcade fire. or the reflektors. or whatever they're going by lately. "a" showed me their recent performance on the colbert report from earlier this week and i'm smitten once again.

with songs that don't at all sound the same, interesting instrument combinations, creatively unpretentious stage presence, cool ass style and their technologically advanced music videos with google chrome, they're the complete package.

now i just need to get my hands on tickets to their hollywood concert this tuesday in that not so "secret location."



i've long been a fan and follower of "sincerely, jules," a cali blogger and stylist who never misses a beat. 

so, even though we've never met, i will consider this image from instagram the blogger's way to unofficially welcome me to los angeles.

it's sincerely jules' pret-a-partay t-shirt on shopbop. it's calling my name, literally. she has even more cute + kitschy tees in the shop section of her blog, too.

so until i get my hands on arms in one, i'll just follow her lead to partay... t.g.i.f., after all.


hallowednesday: how to be a fashion icon.

over the years, i've had a case of split personality. it comes once, sometimes twice, a year. it started as britney. then amy. next as angelina...the list goes on and on. that's because i've thankfully long moved on from the days of being a beer bottle for halloween (don't ask...it was college), and moved onto fashion icons.

that's right. i'm not really a fan of the standard costume from the party shop, especially when it involves a five-inch skirt, thigh-highs and a mini hat. i like to get creative, and somehow celebrities, particularly those with a special sense of style, have been my muses.

with only a week left, i thought i'd share some of the past photos to give you an idea of where i might be headed this year...that is, if i can find someone to go with me to the weho carnaval

this is how it all started...britney spears from the charlie and the chocolate factory premiere, which was a costume i pulled from my closet in 10 minutes. you may not recognize it now, but i assure you that back in 2005, the kids knew who i was supposed to be with this "i have the golden ticket" tank and faux baby bump. i even had the matching brown maxi skirt before it "maxi" was a daily fashion term.

the bouffant fell a little by the time of this photo, unfortunately. i rocked the amy winehouse look - before her ripped shirt and no shoes drug charade - to moonfest, the palm beaches' greatest halloween bash on and around clematis in downtown. momma did my tattoos and my grams - a.k.a. mémé - helped me style the overall look for a full-on family affair.

sadly i didn't get any good full-length photos from this particular year to get the full effect, but i was pregnant angelina jolie...long black dress, mom-designed tattoos (again!), a long silky wig, oversized glasses, oversized lips and, of course, a plethora of multi-cultural baby dolls to complete the costume. i won several contests that year. i also had a guy question me on my beer purchase, so i knew the pregnant belly at least looked a little more real than the first time around.

depending on how long you've been reading this blog, you may or may not know about my obsession with lady gaga. that's why this one from a few years ago was one of my favorites. and yes, i wore an american apparel leotard with no pants, even though i opted not to show that here. my vintage leather vest came in handy too, but the florida night got hot fast, hence why it's not shown here.

practically my whole life, i wanted to do group or partner/couple costumes, but none of my friends would ever agree to my weirdness. thankfully, my guy is on board now...as long as i choose his favorite things as the theme! i already owned the green dress (not strapless, but whatever), bought the necklace at goodwill and had the wig from islands of adventure for about two years before i ever wore it. i think my makeup skills would've been better if we didn't buy the cheap stuff.

p.s. yes, i consider marge a style icon. she was wayyy ahead of the colored hair chalk trend.

now let's go pack and play a game of guess who the other character is in these pics.


a flea worth catching: long beach antique market

today i went to the mother of all flea markets: the long beach antique market. if you are impulsive and have money to spend (or even think you do), this is not the place for you. as a recovering shopping addict myself, i had to use some major self control.

it takes place on the third sunday each month at the long beach veterans stadium.the guy and i went for a little sunday treasure hunting, but there wasn't much hunting needed. it seems to be never-ending and you don't know where to look first. the place is packed with antique dealers, jewelry craftsmen, vintage clothing sellers and more offering anything i could want in my home...closet.  

even if you're not hoping to add re-purposed furniture, eclectic old signage, antique cameras, old storage crates, a 70s fur jacket, turquoise jewelry or a choice of 100 flannel shirts to your collection, it's a great date spot just to look at all the weird and sometimes creepy items. also perfect for funny gifts.

i'm not sure where to start here...

i was going to call the former photo creepy and this one weird...
but maybe i had it backwards. i mean, is this long beach or margaritaville?

prices are all over the place. some are high, some are low. we personally came home with an antique military trunk and wooden storage box for $32 and $15, respectively, to be the two newest pieces in our living room once we clean them up.

we made so much noise rolling out that dang trunk that it was mildly embarassing...or maybe more than that seeing that i walked in front of him to pretend i wasn't with him. 

i also wanted to add some old high school lockers to our entertainment center, and "a" wanted to bring home dr. martens and a vintage chevy bumper to hang on the wall, but we had no idea how to pack them in our little car. 

maybe next time. because i know where i'll be nov. 17.


what's haute in skin care: diy pampering.

a couple months ago before i left for cali i met a fellow florida blogger at the boca soblo event who i wish i'd met way before my few last weeks in the southern state. this friend from afar + striking beauty not so ironically specializes in the b-word on her own blog, "the beauty delicacy." jessica teixeira writes about hair and makeup to style and decor, and what's even better is she supports a healthy lifestyle and incorporates vegan and ayurvedic principles into her routine...all while raising three little cuties! i just can't get enough of her home how-tos and product test videos.

as a special treat for you, i'm letting go of the reins and introducing you to jessica so you can get tips straight from the expert source. rather than me, the trial-and-error girl when it comes to skincare and lipstick! she was generous enough to share her diy pampering recommendations and special concoctions her as part of her first "beauty blog-in" here at prêt-à-porter palm beach turned la. you better believe i'll be taking advantage of them!

> > > > > > >

even if i had the funds (every month) to go to my favorite spa where would i find the time? time constantly reminds me there are only 24 hours in a day + at least 6 of those should be spent getting some beauty sleep.

when i need to get a beauty break + unwind from all of the mad typing and mommy chaos i make a trip to my pantry + whip up some skin care goodies worthy of a true spa experience.

indulging cocoa + lavender mask

lavender calms + soothes irritated skin while cocoa provides antioxidant benefits that get you glowing skin status. as with all top quality food grade products be sure to buy unrefined/unsweetened. anything with added sugars/refined butters will most likely clog pores leading to breakouts + they have no nutritional value for your skin.

labels you should be shopping for: organic, unsweetened, un-refined, raw, cold-pressed.

what you need:
- dried lavender flowers
- unsweetened cocoa powder
- pink kaolin clay {if you have very sensitive skin use white kaolin clay}

what to do:
crush 1 tbsp of lavender flowers {mortar + pestle}. add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder. add 1 tbsp pink kaolin clay. mix well.

keep this mixture stored in an air tight container. use 1 tbsp of the mixture with a little water {start with 1 tsp till desired texture is reached). leave on face until very close to being fully dry {do not let the mask dry completely on your skin as it can cause skin to become over dry}. wipe off with a warm cloth.

lemon + kelp detox bath soak

so kelp doesn't smell the greatest but i promise you if you've tried any spa services that included seaweed, kelp or any other natural products of the sea the scent can be quite strong + a little stinky unless natural scents were added from beneficial sources such as essential oils or crushed herbs + flowers.

what you need:
 - kelp powder or seaweed powder
- pink himalayan salt
- lemon essential oil

what to do:
mix 1/4 cup of pink himalayan salt with 1 tsp kelp or seaweed powder. add 11 drops of lemon essential oil. add 1-2 tablespoons to a warm bath while the water is running. relax for as long as you like or until the water gets too cold. this salt is typically sold in different textures from coarse to fine. when i purchased mine it was larger coarse texture but i ground the salt {as needed} to be able to use it in scrubs + face packs.

you can also add oils to this mix. add 1 tbsp almond oil + 1 tsp castor oil if you have dry skin or just want to add a little more luxe to your custom bath soak.

most of these can be found at whole body shops or whole food stores. i also order from online stores such as bramble berry, the soap dish + pv soap.

jessica is the writer + editor of the beauty delicacy, a fashion, beauty + lifestyle blog. we thank her for sharing this precious pampering insight and can't wait to test it out this weekend.


hallowednesday: wigging out.

here's to my favorite holiday: halloween. from the massive amounts of candy to the skull decorations to the social acceptance of dressing up like someone else, what's not to like? except for maybe the sexy {insert witch, little bo peep, cop, mobster or other generic character} costume, of course.

so to start celebrating early, i picked up a few $1 and $5 treats from target like glow-in-the-dark skeleton window clings, a glittering faux pumpkin and orange and pink light strands to decorate the new home. while i was there, i also spotted these works of art:

to kick off my weekly october "hallowednesday" posts, it only made sense to start with these "big fun" wigs by chris march. they are fantastic. unfortunately my iphone pic doesn't quite do them, or their size, justice. with options that range from geisha and medusa to monster bride and a pink afro, i wish i owned every single one.

plus, they remind me of the crazy "hair" adorned and created by my fabulous drag queen waitress during my bachelorette party at lips in ft. lauderdale, so you know i'm in love. 

which style of the big fun wigs would you wear?

i've got my eye on you: world sight day.

tomorrow is one of the few days - or maybe the only day - that it's ok to #beshady. and no, i don't mean sketchy. i'm talking about wearing your shades all day long...even indoors and rocking those sunglasses at night...and finally no one can make fun of you for it.

this is because oct. 10 is world sight day. toms, the worldwide "one for one" brand that also happens to be based in los angeles, is spearheading the initiative to raise awareness for visual impairment and blindness worldwide. originally known for its cool and comfy shoes and generous giving, the brand made its way into eyewear and helps get eye care to those in need for every pair purchased. here's this year's world sight day promo from the toms youtube channel:

to support the cause, share the tweetable eye charts, download a diy toolkit, sport a #beshady tee and sign up for updates online in exchange for a "shady strap" (also known as croakies for all you fishermen and frat guys).

to support the brand behind it, pick up a pair of these good-looking limited edition wsd pheonix shades with gold mirror lenses and blue tips for only $55. 

i think i'll be making a stop back into toms' venice retail shop this week to make my purchase. that's the excuse i'll be using anyway, although i really don't need one to visit the amazingly perfect store/coffee bar/reading lounge/yoga garden again and get another cup of the best chai latte i've ever tasted. 

if you participate (and you should), share your photos with us on the blog's facebook page. don't forget to tag #beshady!


new age rosie the riveter: 'we can cure it!'

"we can cure it!" 

that was the motto of these boating beauties last weekend, which included my cutie little sis, as rosies the riveters. they competed in the annual bluewater babes fish for a cure tournament at square grouper in jupiter, fla. to support breast cancer research, so while i can't be in the palm beaches in person, i'm lucky i've got them to send me the fashion-focused updates to share with you here.

now for the close-up of ash. she's wearing a forever 21 button-up chambray tank, billabong cut-offs, a worker's belt, a swipe of bright lipstick and a scarf from target. but not in the typical red. in this case, the girls opted for pink for breast cancer awareness month.

how perfect is she?

and here's a look at the tricked-out boat. i really don't think it could've been any better. apparently the judges agreed because these lovely ladies took home first prize.

to wrap up the post, here's the photo sis sent me at 7 a.m. pacific time...that led to a text convo that included about five imessages back and forth with my dad. i supposed they forgot i live three hours behind them now and no longer have to wake up early to get in my weekend long run since the temperature is much much nicer on the body. i guess it was worth it :)


east coast, west coast.

after seven years of working non-stop at agencies since before i even graduated college, these last few weeks since becoming a "real housewife of culver city" have been interesting, to say the least. 

it's weird not having to wake up early and go into the office every day, but also relaxing and still surprisingly busy as i work on these next steps in my career. that's because one of the best things about living in los angeles is there is never a lack of activity. hence why the blogging went on a break...again.

on that note, before i dive deep into the posts this week, here's an insta-look at where my west coast path has taken me so far:

social media week los angeles. it was my first cali conference and besides surrounding myself with creative types and learning the latest on the "interwebs," there were a few key friends of fashion involved too. rodger berman, ceo of rachel zoe, inc. (plus husband to the stylist queen) was on site and gave a great digitally focused interview with vanity fair's krista smith. 

but my real fan moment? when the stunning shay mitchell - a.k.a. emily fields - from "pretty little liars" showed up to talk about her #pllaywithshay twitter parties, created in party by fanology social, and how social media is transforming tv with a host of other great panelists. she was a great speaker and actually extremely knowledgeable...not all celebs are. not all that surprising, though, since she attributes to the show's social history in the making. sadly i missed the session on "celebrities vs. bloggers: who rules fashion marketing?" for a lunch date with new friends, but it happens. maybe i'll try again next year!

the manhattan beach green market, where i picked up the fresh fruits to create this oh-so-california breakfast. creamy avocado, sweet but sour passion fruit, pleasantly plump plums, the best grapes i've ever tasted, and bananas i topped with natural trader joe's peanut butter, chia seeds and hemp seeds. breakfast of champions.

a dodgers game. this was part 1 to the "la sports package" birthday gift to my man. these seats look high but boy were they good. puig may be my new ronaldo, and i may have to take short breaks from being 100% loyal to the red sox to cheer for the dodgers when i can make it to the games because they are incredibly fun.

part 2 of the birthday gift was la galaxy tickets for seats right behind the goal. here's where we almost got smacked by a landon donovan ball during warmups. 

to balance out all those testosterone-fueled sports that week, i finally made it out to see the very feminine dress up trunk that had been practically flirting with me and my wallet since i arrived in culver city. i adore the concept of this traveling vintage shop and can't wait until i sit down with the owner to give you the full scoop on what's inside and what i came home with that day. until then, follow on instagram at @thedressuptrunk.

toto, i don't think we're in florida anymore. these are the steps at the baldwin hills that serve as one of my new workout spots to run hills when i can spare more time than my short run around sony pictures studios.

my home garden...to pick fresh herbs, fruit and veggies.

and back to florida again. that's because my best girl aly sent me this as a sweet reminder of the fam and friends back home. love it.  

want to wear your home state close to your heart too? get the necklace here from ninotchkagoods on etsy.