always in 'style.'

the old testament, vogue, the associated press stylebook...they are each "the bible" to some either because of faith, fashion or journalism, and today one of them uncovered its recent makeover. 

the ap stylebook is the guiding light for journalists and pr pros (and for many of you bloggers); containing commonly misused and misspelled words and punctuation, along with other rules. i learned it like the back of my hand in my early days at the university of north florida and florida state university, or else i would've faced the same failed doom as many others in my reporting class. instead i learned to love it. and it's even more "in style" now with its new look...even though i still refuse to write in caps.

not only does it look like it has a purple cover with neon accents - so "in" right now - but the associated press also added 185 fashion guidelines, which is by all means awesome. 

i'm still waiting on my book to come in since a coworker and fellow blogger, jenifer of così buono! (great news for all things italian, including style), tipped me off on its 2012 launch today. as a sample, here are a few of the entries that were scooped, and yes i will designate the proper nouns where necessary, against my will.
  • haute couture: to all people in fashion, for the love of god, please learn this one. especially in brand names. "couture" apparel is one of a kind and a designation by the french ministry. stop using it so frequently just because it sounds posh. i hate this one almost as much as misusing "your" and "you're." any ideas on what most people really mean when they misuse it? hint: scroll to the top.
  • Savile Row: the shopping street in london known for its bespoke tailoring.
  • A-Line
  • hoodie: can now stand on its own without elaboration.
  • Giorgio Armani
  • one-word terms like pantsuit, bodysuit, sweatshirt, trenchcoat: i don't really agree that these should be one word, but whatever.
  • zoot suit: i don't know why this is included. who still writes about these except when referencing the cherry poppin' daddies?

i just wish i had been tested on these in college instead of how to abbreviate "idaho." what do you hope is included in the stylebook's fashion guidelines?


  1. I too spent many hours studying an AP stylebook in college and am shuddering at the memories of AP style pop quizzes. Pretty funny that they've added all those fashion guidelines – and the new look is pretty hilarious too.

    Sea and Swank

    1. haha, sorry to bring back bad memories! i made it out of that class ok but probably would have found it a lot more interesting with these new guidelines...guessing you would have too!

  2. Kristi, you are a gem and this is a great blog and a great post! I need you to be my style icon/consultant. Oh, and if you need to find me, I'm at my desk buried in the new AP Stylebook......LOL. cheers..jmv

    1. haha, thank you! i think you look pretty set in the "style" and "ap style" areas already, but any time you want to talk fashion anyway, i'm all ears :)

  3. Hi Kristi,
    I just wanna say "I love you" because I was thinking to have any for your this blog but couldn't say. Anyway, would love to be here again.