12 steps in heels: step 2

i've made it to day 14 of lent and still haven't shopped. this is a freaking miracle and it might be the longest i've ever gone without buying some sort of clothing, beauty product, houseware, etc. i almost caved when i found a sexy studded zipper cuff yesterday at francesca's collections, but i found a way to hold it together.

my next dilemma is because of the wedding i'm attending this weekend. i'm very excited about matt and layne getting hitched and already have the cutest little pink and navy striped dress from anthropologie to watch it all go down, but i am missing a few accessories. i took care of the jewelry by putting my old college shell skills to work, but i'm at a loss for a clutch to use for the day. i desperately want to use it as an excuse to pick up a little tory burch bag, but am resisting...which brings me to my next step:

step 2 ~ force yourself to borrow anything you absolutely "need." you can repay your friends with the same favor later.

speaking of...any of my lovely friends (insert appropriate suck-up line/compliment here) have a silver, gray or navy clutch i can borrow? :)

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