sunfest street art.

having sunfest withdrawls already? not to worry. there are a few festival pieces you can still visit without having to wait until may 2013, that is, if you were a fan of the art.

there were a few art dealers with a fashion focus that both my husband and i stopped to check out, starting with these mistura timepieces, which were probably the coolest watches i've ever seen.


we chatted with the owner for a minute, a colombia native and really nice guy who took the time to tell us all about them. the watches came in so many cool colors, straps of different widths, and faces made with exotic wood from south america...all one-of-a-kind and eco-friendly, so you know i was hooked. i couldn't decide on just one for myself, but if alex had his way he would have taken home the white cracked leather band shown on the upper right. the pieces range from about $165 to $200, with some a little more, some a little less.

our next long stop was at the booth for andremi designs, and with so many interesting and innovative items "for the bohemian and the princess," i didn't know where to look. the bison leather "pocket belts" (much cooler twist on the fanny pack) and some leather belt/skirt thing (some things just don't need an official name) were what brought me in, but the leather and stone rings, cuffs and intricate macrame necklaces kept me around. 

the owner of this booth was from colombia also - a land that apparently breeds hot design - and explained some of the products to us. the pieces are pricey, but the materials and craftsmanship seem to make it worth the cost. unfortunately he wouldn't let me take a photo of the product though, even for the blog, so you'll have to settle for his sign here and then go check out the website.

moving away from accessories and onto outfitting the home, we were on our way to see joan jett when we were captivated by the whimsical little mixed-media illustrations from pbs artstudio. artist patti ballard and her husband were great to tell us the stories behind all her work, and we couldn't keep our eyes off all the mermaids, angels, fairies, animals and other storybook characters she created. they're the perfect mix of pretty and edgy, just enough to get the the attention of not only me, but alex too. if we had a little girl, it'd be safe to say her room would be covered in these.

we couldn't leave without adding at least to our home; the difficult part was choosing which to purchase. we picked up these two prints for the sunfest deal of $50 total, titled "so happy together," and "in my own little world." want your own? check out her etsy shop.

the last booth that caught my attention was the garnier fructis salon, even though i didn't take advantage of it. they gave away samples to festival-goers within the space, but it was the large mirror at the self-style station that came in handy for the girls with wind-blown, sweat and sun-soaked hair. damn good marketing, if you ask me.

what were your favorite parts of sunfest - the music, art, fashion or food? share with us in the comments, especially if we can check out some of the artists now that the event is over.


  1. Just love the blog....great information!
    Keep up the good work.
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  2. thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  3. aww... you're so sweet to mention my art! hope you're enjoying it!!

    1. thanks! we definitely are and may be back for more soon :)