halloweek: spring breakers costume.

read last the last couple hallowednesday posts and the rosie the riveter outfit post and still don't have a know what to wear on all hallows' eve? not to worry. here is the first of prêt-à-porter costumes for a "hallo-week" of ideas you can (mostly) pull straight from your closet.

easy costume #1:

halloweek: spring breakers.

halloween is the one night a year you can walk into the street and no one judges you for wearing a swimsuit...or nothing anything else for that matter. and since chances are you already own a bikini, hoodie and sneakers (the crazier, the better, in this case), you're already more than half-way to looking like you starred in the provocatively disturbing college cult flick, spring breakers.

next, raid your family's winter clothing stash for a ski mask...preferably a pink one, although i'm not holding my breath. borrow a few friendship bracelets from your seven-year-old cousin and you're set. for extra points, clasp on a gun charm necklace, since i don't recommend carrying around a gun on halloween...even if it is a toy version.

have a couple friends who want to dress the same? perfect. have a boyfriend who is willing to wear cornrows, an open hawaiian tee and a gum wrapper turned grill on his teeth? even better. you can pretend he's james franco for the night...we won't tell. 

for those who don't feel comfortable baring it all, stay tuned. i've got simple items coming your way every day this week...

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