on style patrol...

ok, ok, ok. i know, the prêt-à-porter palm beacher has been m.i.a. again, but this time it's for good reason! following a trip to italy and a change of location this month, i now have lots to talk about. stay tuned this week for the deliciously stylish details about milan, florence, the cinque terre and more, but until then, check out a fun project i've been working on with the office and one of our clients...the cityplace style patrol!

first up was the sex and the city 2 happy hour party filled with martinis, so you know we saw lots of ladies dressed to the nines and decked out in their manolos and jimmy choos. the style patrol spotted the hottest looks - including camouflage waterprints, feathered earrings, ruffles and girls bringing the maxi back - and then tells you where to find similar fashions at cityplace.

enjoy, feel free to comment with your favorite look, and look out for the style patrol next time you're at cityplace...

view it and more on cityplace's youtube channel: http://bit.ly/dbNqN1

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