halloweek: south park.

here's a four-for-one costume idea you can do with your friends, or just choose one quadrant and run with it.

halloweek: south park.

h&m brown leather glove, $24 /  j.crew collection cashmere popover hoodie;
american eagle outfitters red cardigan / teal burton beanie / yellow gloves from jcpenny;
h&m brown button cardigan / red gloves from jcpenny / forever 21 blue hat and pom pom;
uniqlo vest / russian-style hat / green gloves from urban outfitters

whether you choose to be kenny, cartman, stan or kyle, this one is easy to do. each involves some type of sweater, hat and gloves, which you probably have hanging around the house. if you choose kenny, a simple orange hoodie by itself would also suffice. they're all unisex, too.

tomorrow is our last of the halloweek posts. if you still don't have your costume together after that, well, i'm not sure that there's hope!

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