fab find: "what's that? a hat"

"crazy funky junky hat. overslept, hair's unslightly, tryin' to look like kiera knightley."
ok, this is not the disney channel so i will stop quoting "wizards of waverly place" now and get to the point...

urban outfitters got me again yesterday, with mention of their ridiculously good sale that popped up in my facebook feed yesterday. i shopped online and then a little more in the store. bought a few things, but the purchase i felt the best about this straw boater's hat in black. and for only $4.99, why not?

even though i don't wear them often, i've always loved hats, for a bad hair day (flashback to the wisdom of selena gomez), protecting your face on a day in the sun, or simply stepping up your accessories. the flat-top boater's hat is perfect for this, flattering to almost all faces and hairstyles, and while still current, not as trendy or overplayed as the fedora.

apparently my sis and my guy do not agree, however, as witnessed when they both laughed as i modeled it last night.

so tell me, what do you think? i'll post pics of my self in it later for further review.

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  1. You know you look adorable in it! We're just jealous that we can't pull it off :)