prêt-à-porter palm beacher meets the frugalista

another fashionable friend of mine at the palm beach post, aime dunstan, recently asked me to be one of her "fru-gals" in the shop style section of the paper for one of the $100 challenges. a chance to shop and challenged to create the most stylish, least expensive outfit?? of course i was in.

* photo credit: ray graham from the palm beach post

in the end, i didn't win, but i did end last week with not one, but two theory dresses for only $5.99 each from goodwill - which is just plain ridiculous...and lucky - and a slew of accessories and extra pieces gathered from shops around cityplace. i also didn't hate my posed photo in the paper, which i think is a first!

check out the
story to get my full scoop and how much i spent, plus find out about the girl who did win, and see what other "fru-gals" put together.

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  1. crazy good deal on the theory dresses! love your outfit and, thx for mentioning me!