coast to coast: brandy melville comes to florida ♥

holy heck. how did it take me more than a week to hear about this?! one of my favorite apparel brands has finally made it's way - first overseas, and then from the west coast - to the palm beaches...

so delicately described as "feminine with an urban twist," pacsun smartly saw the potential in brandy melville, which blends european flair with the hippie-chic california lifestyle, and is stocking it in stores as of july 31.

i've been pushing for a west palm beach location since i first spotted brandy melville in santa monica in 2011, and even though it's not an official shop, i cannot wait to head to the gardens mall and check out what they have in store now that it's here. does anyone know if bm is keeping the same one-size-fits-all and affordable options at pacsun too?

the only potential downside i see? i'm afraid my "secret" brand of choice will soon go mainstream in florida too (i know it's not the same level...but remember what happened to the old "surf" brand, mossimo??). even so, i still wish this pretty little company all the best on its new endeavor and am supremely stoked that it's here!

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