what's haute in skin care: diy pampering.

a couple months ago before i left for cali i met a fellow florida blogger at the boca soblo event who i wish i'd met way before my few last weeks in the southern state. this friend from afar + striking beauty not so ironically specializes in the b-word on her own blog, "the beauty delicacy." jessica teixeira writes about hair and makeup to style and decor, and what's even better is she supports a healthy lifestyle and incorporates vegan and ayurvedic principles into her routine...all while raising three little cuties! i just can't get enough of her home how-tos and product test videos.

as a special treat for you, i'm letting go of the reins and introducing you to jessica so you can get tips straight from the expert source. rather than me, the trial-and-error girl when it comes to skincare and lipstick! she was generous enough to share her diy pampering recommendations and special concoctions her as part of her first "beauty blog-in" here at prêt-à-porter palm beach turned la. you better believe i'll be taking advantage of them!

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even if i had the funds (every month) to go to my favorite spa where would i find the time? time constantly reminds me there are only 24 hours in a day + at least 6 of those should be spent getting some beauty sleep.

when i need to get a beauty break + unwind from all of the mad typing and mommy chaos i make a trip to my pantry + whip up some skin care goodies worthy of a true spa experience.

indulging cocoa + lavender mask

lavender calms + soothes irritated skin while cocoa provides antioxidant benefits that get you glowing skin status. as with all top quality food grade products be sure to buy unrefined/unsweetened. anything with added sugars/refined butters will most likely clog pores leading to breakouts + they have no nutritional value for your skin.

labels you should be shopping for: organic, unsweetened, un-refined, raw, cold-pressed.

what you need:
- dried lavender flowers
- unsweetened cocoa powder
- pink kaolin clay {if you have very sensitive skin use white kaolin clay}

what to do:
crush 1 tbsp of lavender flowers {mortar + pestle}. add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder. add 1 tbsp pink kaolin clay. mix well.

keep this mixture stored in an air tight container. use 1 tbsp of the mixture with a little water {start with 1 tsp till desired texture is reached). leave on face until very close to being fully dry {do not let the mask dry completely on your skin as it can cause skin to become over dry}. wipe off with a warm cloth.

lemon + kelp detox bath soak

so kelp doesn't smell the greatest but i promise you if you've tried any spa services that included seaweed, kelp or any other natural products of the sea the scent can be quite strong + a little stinky unless natural scents were added from beneficial sources such as essential oils or crushed herbs + flowers.

what you need:
 - kelp powder or seaweed powder
- pink himalayan salt
- lemon essential oil

what to do:
mix 1/4 cup of pink himalayan salt with 1 tsp kelp or seaweed powder. add 11 drops of lemon essential oil. add 1-2 tablespoons to a warm bath while the water is running. relax for as long as you like or until the water gets too cold. this salt is typically sold in different textures from coarse to fine. when i purchased mine it was larger coarse texture but i ground the salt {as needed} to be able to use it in scrubs + face packs.

you can also add oils to this mix. add 1 tbsp almond oil + 1 tsp castor oil if you have dry skin or just want to add a little more luxe to your custom bath soak.

most of these can be found at whole body shops or whole food stores. i also order from online stores such as bramble berry, the soap dish + pv soap.

jessica is the writer + editor of the beauty delicacy, a fashion, beauty + lifestyle blog. we thank her for sharing this precious pampering insight and can't wait to test it out this weekend.


  1. Mmm, the recipe for the cocoa and lavender flower masque sounds lovely. :)

    1. erika, i couldn't agree more! (delicious too!) i think i'll be putting in an order with one of those websites this week :) if you decide to make it yourself, please touch base to let us know your thoughts. thanks for visiting!

  2. Replies
    1. kimberly, i second that thought! and the cocoa doesn't hurt either ;)