you can't see me, i'm camoflauged.

in an attempt to go through my closet and downsize, i instead found an old friend from college. together through jax beach parties, jobs, happy hours at potbelly's and more, my trusty camo skirt has apparently been safely stowed away for many years.

it started as a pair of wide leg capris from abercrombie & fitch. but since those went out of style a little more than a year later, i knocked off the legs soon after and added a safety pin to a fold in the middle, and voila.

the skirt was super easy to make and can be done with pretty much any pair of chinos or jeans.

this weekend i wore it with a black tank and some sneakers i studded. the diy outfit had me feeling like i was back in college again.

check back soon for a recap on the shoes themselves and how you can rock the stud craze.

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