tales from the flea: holiday shopping i'm thankful for.

who needs black friday when you have the third sunday? 

the long beach antique market is simply magical. i opted to do some of my holiday shopping there this year, and while i didn't find all that i wanted, i did come home feeling satisfied with my purchases. from $1 nostalgia-inducing stocking stuffers, to a legit gas mask for a video game-loving nephew (i'm feeling pretty confident that he doesn't read my blog), i'd say it was a success.

the belle of this ball was a sweet and sparkly top that was introduced to me at the darling brandee tucker's booth, harlem ragshop 1934

it was pretty inexpensive too, which even though i just consigned a small portion of my closet, was a necessary element in my purchase since i'm prepping for the holidays and the trip back to florida. i'm thinking this is going to be the signature piece in my christmas outfit.

i also picked up a romantic, flowing frock that is perfect for my new gypsy lifestyle, even if the wandering is only around los angeles, and the blooming seasons are over for a while. the silhouette and somewhat sheer fabric is enchanting...it's practically made to wear with a floral crown. i'll post photos as soon as i can get a good pic.

but it's not all about the feminine fashion. i actually spent most of my day browsing the men's racks and grabbed this cool coat for my guy...

here are some of the other fun finds that caught my attention today:

there were some celeb sightings too, but you'll have to come next time to see for yourself. meet me at the #lbflea dec. 15.

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