the rise of converse...again

pete wentz and kristen stewart may have caused the recent spread of chuck taylors, but converse sneakers have been alive and 'kicking' since 1908. from basketball, badminton and world war II, to 80s concert stages, twilight sets and even the red carpet, these rubber sneaks have been everywhere.

i bought my purple chucks for $20 on a whim in hot topic about five years ago. it may have merely been an exchange for a gift, but that is still one of the best shoe purchases i've made to this day (considering the heels, sandals and running shoes practically falling out of my closet right now, this is a huge statement).

they added style to my uniform at my college restaurant job. while other students wore rainbows and crocs they helped me pass as a brit during my six weeks in london. and last week they protected my feet from the dirt and rain at the no doubt/paramore concert at the cruzan amphitheatre...which is when i realized...my old shoes helped me fit right in with all the high schoolers! (if my gossip girl and twilight obsession didn't already do that for me...)

my bright plum shoes, which i wore with a long, baggy grey tank and black leggings, stood out among the sea of black converse. check out this other stand-out pair i found on an unsuspecting concert-goer...

if, like me, you are not a fan of those, check out three other options converse offers: the chuck taylor all star slip in conch shell, chuck taylor all star double tongue in blue & yellow bee print or the jack purcell ltt in white & navy seersucker print, all of which are perfect to match a colorful j.crew outfit on a summer day in palm beach. there's a fun make-your-own section on the converse web site you'll want to check out too.

converse also works with target now on some cheaper options of the choice sneaks. my vote is for the converse one star oxford, but definitely steer clear of the mary janes and wedges, which i can guarantee will not be emerging on the feet of our favorite vamps or other celebs.

which converse pattern/style fits your personality? are you a pink & purple checkered low-top girl, or a are you craving the ozzy-inspired, buckled jack purcells?

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  1. I love Converse! There stylish and are accepted everwhere as a beautiful fashion statment.