h&m jimmy choo ~ bless you!

so many of us shopaholics learned some thrilling news today - british brand jimmy choo and swedish retailer h&m are teaming up together. much more exciting than the miley cyrus/max azria collaboration announced earlier this month, i am definitely looking forward to some affordable jimmy choos, mainly because both parties involved are always at the top of their fashion game so you know it will be worth it.

we'll have to wait a bit to see the results - nov. 14 - but h&m's exclusive jimmy choo line will include shoes, handbags, accessories and even apparel. The clothing will be designed to compliment the accessories, rather than the natural other way around, which i am especially excited because that seems the be the way i think...half of my wardrobe is based around my ridiculous amount of shoes. the stylish man can also rejoice because the line will include men's shoes, bags and accessories - maybe something to share with your dad for father's day?

my one complaint - there still isn't an h&m in south florida! yes, i know we're getting one in orlando soon, but it's not the same. someone please fix this before nov. 14 so i can get me some choos.

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