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in honor of the twilight saga: new moon's local premiere tomorrow night at this time (which i, of course, already have my tickets for), i put together a few things to help you get your twilight fix while keeping in fashion...because for anyone over the age of 14, it's sure as hell difficult to enjoy the story to its fullest without looking like a total dork. so let's take a cue from alice cullen and make sure to dive into something that's still stylish, sexy and vampire chic...

one piece that i've been bloody swooning over for the past few months is the p.a.m. oxidised fangs necklace, which also comes in silver. at a whopping $284 in australian, it's definitely a lot of money to pay to wear vampire teeth around your neck for what's probably a total of five days out of the year, but i just can't seem to get over it. there are a lot of fang necklaces on the market right now, but so many of them are cheesy or cheap looking and i've yet to find one that's as well-designed as this one.

if the price is too steep for you, or you just can't fathom wearing fangs at your neck, be sure to head to the palm beach gardens green market to get your twi on. a jewelry vendor there has some beautiful charm bracelets with simple silver wolf and crystal heart charms inspired by bella's bracelet that are classy and subtle.

thirsting for something more than accessories? nordstrom has a newish twilight-inspired line for juniors, "the twilight saga: new moon for bp." while most of it's a little too high school for anyone my age to be wearing, there are a few tops that are cute and no one would even have to know you were team jacob if you wish. try the 'wolf motif' long sleeve tee, which is really just a yoga-like burnout tee that sports tribal design. only problem, for $34 you could probably snag some better threads in nordstrom as long as you choose to go without the twilight label.

if none of these pieces pique your interest, then just take a closer look around. this season is full of styles that have a dark and mystical feel to help you vamp it up. what used to be considered gothic is now becoming mainstream (at least for the next few months), thanks to twilight, true blood and vampire diaries. with black over-the-knee boots and faux leather leggings, to the return of black lace and leather jackets, and then add in some of alexander mcqueen's freakish fashions and a few studded leather bracelets, you're set for a night of neck sucking.

alexander mcqueen's waisted stripe jersey dress, $2,895

so what are you wearing to the show? i'm making my "team edward (unless jacob is shirtless)" shirt as we speak. not as age-appropriate as the options listed here, but i'll sure fit in with the 16-year-olds as i suck down my pre-movie, blood-red cocktail at blue martini while watching the teenie-boppers wait in line.

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