fab find: let it snow

with the stint of "cold" weather (60 degrees, if even) we experienced in south florida, i got excited because the change of season means i finally get to tap into that portion of my closet that only gets used about five days a year...or maybe eight if i choose to sweat it out a few times. but being a florida girl, i just can't bring myself to spend a ton of money on a winter wardrobe, which is why my eyes lit up when i stumbled into the sales at gap yesterday.

while searching for a tank to print my twilight slogan on for the opening of new moon last night (you bet your ass i was there!), i got a little distracted. i've been looking for the perfect black coat for a while now, but can never seem to find one that's inexpensive without looking cheap, and gap seemed to know just what i was looking for. all outerwear was 50 percent off, which is huge when you're shopping for jackets or blazers that are usually priced at more than $100.

i actually discovered my treasure in the sale section, in which all marked-down items were another 25 percent off. the shrunken peacoat, originally $110, purchased at $52 in the store or $89.99 online, was a comfortable fit for my petite frame, and i love the dramatic zippers on the pockets and sleeves that add an extra edge to the feminine cut.

if you're looking to take advantage of the 50 percent off rather than the sale though, let me suggest the ribbed sleeve wool jacket, originally priced at $118. it comes in gray or black and can easily be dressed up or worn casually with jeans. i'm not sure how long the discount lasts, so you better get over there soon!

if you can't get into a gap this week, you'll miss out on the in-store discounts, but gap.com also has a tempting offer...25 percent entire purchase of regularly priced items with the code GIFT123 at checkout. the promotion lasts through sunday, nov. 22. so grab your hot chocolate and throw on a pair of boots to get yourself in the mood to start cold weather shopping!

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