12 steps in heels: step 1

i wasn't ready to publicly admit it last week in case i couldn't go through with it, but today i am officially confirming what i gave up for lent because i need your support in sticking to it. after going a little nuts (ok, maybe freaking crazy is a better description) on my amex last month, and potentially buying a house and/or visiting milan this summer, i decided to give up shopping for lent.

there, i said it. by giving up something i love for religious purposes, i feel that i am taking the first step to shopaholics anonymous recovery.

for myself and my fellow s.a.-ers (not sure? if your closet looks something like the above photo and you're not mariah carey, you belong in this group), i have come up with a "12 steps in heels" program that i will divulge to you over the course of my 40 days and 40 nights until easter.

step 1 ~ make a vow to not shop for a set amount of time that is difficult, yet realistic for you.
if you must buy a gift for someone (birthday, wedding, etc.), that's ok, but determine a price limit before you even step foot in a store. better yet, purchase the gift online so you're not tempted to buy for yourself.

together, we will get through this.

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