it's a nice day for a...white pair of jeans

spring is approaching - athough at an overnight low of 43 degrees in parts of palm beach county early this morning, it is certainly difficult to believe - and that means it's almost the season for white denim. i know, in palm beach you can pretty much wear them year round, but now is the time you can actually find them in stores. that being said, where is the best place to find them?

i received the following note from a friend and co-worker today:

"ok, so i’m in the market for a new pair of white jeans. who makes the best butt enhancing awesome white jeans (with just like, plain back pockets)?"

i'm partial to my white lucky brand skinny jeans, which i've had for about two years now, but i'm also on the shorter side and she's a little taller. fashion god michael kors is pretty much king of white pants and jeans, but not all of us can afford his $225 to-die-for stretch jeans. i keep coming up with "buts" ... anyone else have ideas for her? help a girl out and post your answers under comments please!
* photo from michaelkors.com

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