monday morning quarterback: $30 or less

want to capitalize on the latest trends, but having trouble doing so while sticking to a budget? want a cute and feminine outfit to wear to the game but just can't afford pieces from the leona collection i suggested a few weeks ago? no worries. whether you're in college living off tips from the ale house, a young professional saving up to buy a house, or you just plain can't fathom spending more than you would on dinner for gameday gear, we've got a few options for you.

we've put together four stylish outfits featuring four current crazes for four different college teams - all totaling less than $30 each. tips on how to get the most for your money are also included, and feel free to switch out your school colors as needed.

team: louisiana state university
trend: tunics as dresses/fitted waist
tip: if you're not sure about something, wait for the sale
i found this pleated tunic a few weeks ago at urban outfitters, but didn't feel like spending $38 on something i'd wear as a casual dress when i already have so many stuffed in my closet. in turn, i saved about half the price when i found it for $19.99 during my second trip to shop urban outfitters' sale, which i talked about in a previous post. it's not the typical purple for an lsu game, but that's why it will make you stand out in the crowd - in a good way. plus, i paired it with a string of gold chains i got for $4.50 from macy's jewelry sale, and $5 metallic flip flops from old navy to give it some of that tiger gold.

team: university of alabama
trend: colorblock/high-waisted skirts
tip: stick to staples
a few staple pieces will always come in handy when you can't figure out what to wear. take my red kino sandals, for instance, which cost me $12 during my freshman year of college. these key west flip flops have been in style as long as i can remember and will always be part of my wardrobe ready to spice up any outfit. i paired them with a simple $9 white baggy tank from gap that is also sure to stay in style, and then to keep up with the trends pieced it together with a slimming, high-waisted, colorblocked skirt i got for $8.80 from forever 21. add a swipe of red lipstick and the result is sleek and clean with a few pops of color to remind everyone you're a bama fan...but you can add a houndstooth headband if you're still worried about it.

team: florida atlantic university
trend: layered look/fitted bodice
tip: take advantage of special promotions
not only is this bycorpus dress another item i found for $19.99 at the urban outfitters sale, but old navy's metallic flip flops were a fab find too. typically priced at $6.50, i bought these silver sandals along with a gold pair during a two-for-$10 sale. that was months ago, but similar pricing can still be found on non-metallics. buy two or more pairs for only $2.50 each. they're perfect for a game - cheap rubber sandals you don't mind getting a little dirty while tailgating. back to the dress...it may not exactly match fau's "french blue and silver grey," but the navy blue of the fitted sweetheart-style linen and flowy skirt attached to the ashy grey soft tank will keep you on trend for the game. and the super long silver chain from forever 21 was only $3.50, so you'll have a $1.50 left over to buy a hot dog at the game!

team: university of central florida
trend: vests/leggings
tip: shop forever 21
for newer teams that are just becoming popular like ucf and fau, it's not as easy to find cutesy team tops like those for fsu, um and uf from places like victoria's secret and urban outfitters. you'll have to be a little more creative, which is why forever 21 is great. with a huge color palette and cheaper prices on trendy items that go in and out of style, you're sure to find something fashionable within your budget. grab something people wouldn't expect you to wear to a game: basic v-neck cami for $3.80, a dark grey vest for $9.80 and simple black leggings for $5.80. add old navy's gold flip flops, a $2.80 cuff and a gold belt (ok, so i cheated and wore this one from hollister, but you can pick one up from forever for about $7.80).

to make these even sweeter, all outfits are equally as appealing for a night out as they are for game day...just fling off the sandals and slide on a pair of pumps.

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