a different kind of meditation.

following an ayurveda consultation with my aunt this weekend - only hours after running myself into the ground training for the upcoming loggerhead triathlon - i tried to take a few things away from it to get myself more in "balance" with more grounding, calming activities. this of course included yoga with my favorite instructor, priyanka, at the mandel public library in downtown west palm beach tonight.

it worked in that i felt happy and less stressed when i left...but it could actually be that during my sun salutations and "meditation" i couldn't take my mind off bcbg max azria's foster laser-cut pumps. i know that defeats the point of yoga, but can it really be so bad when lace-inspired wooden heels are on your mind?

i've been eyeing them for months at the cityplace store and learned yesterday that they're now 60 percent off plus another 20 percent off (along with so many other distractions they have in store). i think this is a valid excuse for the mind-wandering...and possibly an excuse to spend some of this week's paycheck.



  1. definitely a great excuse for mind-wandering – so pretty! my mind often wanders during yoga to things much less worthy, like work stress. bleh.

    Sea and Swank

  2. ugh! mine too, unfortunately. glad i was distracted by something much prettier this time, and hope yours will be next time!