channeling cyndi lauper.

i've gone a little awol on the blog lately, thanks to training for my triathlon, working, doing the family thing, and making excuses, apparently. the real reason is i just haven't really felt inspired for some reason and decided to take a short break. what finally spurred me to get motivated today? the 80s, of course!

a friend is throwing a birthday party for her sister-in-law tonight, which includes everyone getting decked out in their finest neon, tulle, leather, lace and leggings (wait...is this the 80s, or 2012? sounds the same) for pre-drinks and dinner before heading to muvico to catch tom cruise belt it out in rock of ages. and if it's 80s, i'm all about it, as you can see from my past experiences...or just a peek into my closet for that matter...

this first photo is from my 21st birthday when i lived in tallahassee. it's fsu tradition for girls to throw a "waltz," which really just means picking a theme for everyone to dress in before hitting every bar along tennessee street. most girls picked a theme they'd look hot in - barbie and g.i. joe, kentucky derby, playboy bunny, etc. - but not me. i went with 80s prom and rocked a hideous hot pink, off-the-shoulder puffy bridesmaid dress from goodwill; lace fingerless gloves; a cassette tape charm necklace; big strands of pearls; crimped hair and bright blue and pink makeup, hence the ridiculous face i'm making above. only some of my friends were amused by my choice of theme, including my high school girls here, casey and ali, who played along in their cyndi lauper-inspired tutus and side ponies.

i went with something a little classier (or as classy as you can get in tight neon clothing) about two years ago at a friend's house party. shockingly, i already owned all of these items like the leather vest, purple converse and purple houndstooth wayfarers, which you've probably seen in past posts. what i really love about this pic is mark's 80s volleyball player look...complete with socks and sandals.

and let's not forget aly's legwarmers...

want to know what we'll be wearing around cityplace tonight? follow on instagram or check back over the weekend for a new post. 

preview: my husband has some sweet vintage gnr shirts i've been begging to wear for a year now and i finally got approval on one, and my friend julie found a pretty little neon green accessory studded in rhinestones to tie it up with :)

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  1. i seriously dig theme parties, especially '80s parties. have fun!

    Sea and Swank