fashion's night in.

my husband always says new year's eve is amateur hour. people who don't go out that much and can't handle their liquor out on the town, often times making a mess of it.

well that's how i feel about fashion's night out. don't get me wrong (or send hate mail), i love a good giveaway, makeup trial, or first peek at a collection. i also love supporting the fashion industry, as my husband or amex card can also attest to. i just don't like tons of other shoppers crowding me and making the checkout line that much longer, all for a free lipstick and martini with purchase.

it's not that i'm hating on the event. it's just that for me, there's something to be said about finding that one cool sequined-lined skirt that's left on the rack from the season that just ended (meaning it's technically still in style for us regular ready-to-wear types). and that sheer joy in realizing it's marked down 50 percent off, and surprisingly in your size. and as you're checking out, you're able to chat up the sales girl behind the counter to ask where she got the cute boots that pair so well with her dress, even in the florida summer season.

this scenario couldn't happen on fno. the skirt would be snatched up by someone else who probably will just return it later because the fitting room was too backed up for her to try it on, and the sales girl would be practically sweating from running around the room, let alone having more than 30 seconds to speak to you about anything other than whether you're paying credit or debit...or if you want an extra 15 percent off by opening a brand card.

i also think fno has lost some of it's original magic. it started in nyc as part of fashion week as a way to boost the fashion retail industry through parties, innovative pr stunts and connecting the regular buying public with designers through fashion presentations, etc., all the while getting shoppers to buy at full price. sales and discounts were not part of the deal, but that has since changed once many other locations around the world started building off the promotion too.

so that's my rant. if i could hang out with lubov & max azria from bcbg in new york tonight i might not be writing this. but until then, this is probably the only post you'll ever read here about fno.

that being said, if you did attend a fno event, i really do hope you had a fantastic time and scored big on the stylish goods. feel free to comment and tell me why i'm wrong too!


i'm not getting free denim manicures at guess, designing my own bracelet at lord & taylor, or meeting nigel barker at nine west, but i am still pretty excited about my own "fashion's night in" with my most recent online purchase that just came in from piperlime, which will make an appearance in one of this week's diy posts. stay tuned.

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