christmas in september.

so i know it's only september, but i'm pretty sure i found my holiday dress...christmas, new year's, a december wedding in vegas, whatever. i'd wear this to anything and everything.

one problem. i just spent way more on a new bike than i should have, and the beautifully blackberry floral frock by rachel rachel roy is still full price at macy's...and there is only one left in my size. 

it's got almost all the elements i'm loving right now: a purple hue, sheer fabrics, a peekaboo sweetheart neckline, flowers, a low back and a near-perfect fit (it's missing leather, but let's be honest, that would make this dress more fit to be worn at monarchy on clematis or liv at fountainebleau rather than a dinner at grandma's house...and the vegas event is still not that kind of wedding).

if you just had deja vu, that's because i had a similar situation back in may. i'm going to officially dub it the "rachel syndrome" since i have a feeling it will come up again. 

p.s. i can't find it online anywhere so i don't have a link to share. even if i did, i probably wouldn't anyway because while i love you all, i am greedy when it comes to this dress and don't want you scooping up the last one before i can! but if you like the look of the rachel rachel roy "party" collection, try the black and gold louise dress instead :)


  1. This dress is a stunner – I'd say go ahead and snag it, you won't regret it!

    Sea and Swank

    1. eek. i realllly want to, just wish it would go on sale first so i didn't feel so guilty about it!