yes to the dress?

i took a peek in macy's on my lunch break to look for the white blazer that's been filling my wardrobe dreams lately. i couldn't find one and got a little off track, however, because the cityplace location has an unbelievable impulse section that always catches my attention.

today, it was the rachel rachel roy vita dress that sucked me in with all its white lace and fringe gorgeousness (you may remember my undying love for the rachel line at macy's from a past post). against my better judgement i tried it on, knowing i shouldn't spend the money.

one problem: i think i am in love. what's a girl to do? yes to the dress at $129? it's actually a pretty decent price for designer standards, but my husband's heart might skip a beat...at which time i'll remind him of the new adidas soccer cleats he just bought that i'll share with you later this weekend ;)


p.s. the mint free people skinny jeans in the background were unfortunately too tight, but only $50 if you're in the market. the blue bcbg max azria wide-leg dress pants were oppositely too big, but equally cute at $100. plus, both are on sale and an extra 20 percent off if you have macy's wow pass this week.

update: i bought it!! i have a feeling you will be seeing this hot little white number again very soon...


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    1. eek. ok! happening on my lunch break today. didn't have to do much arm twisting... :)

      (sorry alex...don't be mad!)

  2. Awesome, super flattering dress. In the market for a white dress because it's something you can wear again and again. PS: tried on this free people jeans... SO tight, even when I sized up. Don't brands know that it hurts our feelings to do that? :)

    1. i know! me too. unfortunately what i mostly need a dress for is a wedding this summer, which of course is not an appropriate time to wear white...ugh.

      as for the skinny jeans...i agree. i at least knew it was a long shot when i tried them on because of the size that was left, but it was not good for my ego when i couldn't even get them over my legs, let alone the hips!

  3. i was just about to comment and tell you to get it, until i read that you already did :-) i think that if something makes you feel GOOD, then it's definitely worth the money

    1. thanks nuha! that's the rationale i am going with and hoping my husband feels the same! :)