artigras: ima take your grandma's style.

in south florida, we're blessed with beautiful beaches, gorgeous winter weather and amazing art shows. some may debate that weather statement when thinking of this past weekend when it got down to the 40s, but not me. i welcome it. 

what they won't debate, however, is the art. you may remember my love for the pieces i purchased at sunfest last year, and the street style it brings. but that's not the only show to keep in mind. art fest by the sea i coming up march 8-9 and the cityplace art fair march 30-31, and the palm beach jewelry & antique show is going on this weekend. 

those not shopping for diamonds or high-end antiques...ahem, me...were not at the jewelry show, however. we were at artigras, the outdoor fine art festival at abacoa in jupiter. 

it had been a few years since i went to the event, but was glad we decided to check it out after my husband's soccer game and irish breakfast - complete with a bacon bloody mary - at o'shea's today. here are a few of what we thought were the best finds of the day:

my fun new ring that i have no idea how to describe; purchased at the michael stephens booth; silverandbold.com. some of the biggest, funkiest jewelry and watches i've seen in a while at pretty decent prices. check it out.

i guess this is artigras' version of "festival fashions." probably my best find of the day, so of course i had to sneak a pic. love that i'm pulling trends from old men. 

to quote macklemore - and @omalleymso on instagram - 
"ima take your grandpa's style. no, for real, ask your grandpa, can i have his hand-me-downs?"


crazy bones. this might have been my favorite booth, but was just a little out of my price range on this particular day. the artist is from micanopy and her pieces have that old florida and native american flair. my sister and i really liked the pieces made from turquoise and ivory. fun fact: a lot of her pieces were made from prehistoric ivory, and the mammoth or walrus tusks used may be 800 to 20,000 years old. crazy bones doesn't have a website, but i have the artist's contact information, so leave a comment below if you want to know how to reach her...you won't be disappointed.

of course we had to take a few pics of the lilly pulitzer jeep too...it wouldn't be a true "palm beach" blog without it...

and since recycling is always in fashion, i had to post this photo of the stylishly decorated recycling bins at artigras this weekend. each was designed by a different school, and i liked this simple but beachy bin, but there were a lot of innovative monsters and sea creatures that were just as cool.

did you go to artigras, or are you planning to go tomorrow? let us know your favorite booths.

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