fashion fireworks and all americana.

flags. fireworks. freedom. family. festive fashions. fun. frolicking. and a tutu, of course.

the fourth of july brings out our patriotism...and apparently alliteration too. but it also brings out some pretty star-spangled summer styles in a range of red, white and blue, as i'm sure you've seen all over every pinterest feed this week.

here's a snapshot of a few of the head-turning americana looks from my own tequesta family party today and the silly sister and cousin of mine who were part of it. want to share your own? post them on our facebook so we can all see your all-american ensembles.

my gorgeous cousin, in her fringed, $5 flag scarf cape (god knows i love a good cape) and high-low flag dress from forever 21.

 p.s. love those sparkly studded sandals too, which are thanks to mossimo supply co. at target.

here's us hanging out on the golf course: me in my fruit-filled, button-up dress from urban outfitters circa 2010; patterned cut-off vest by material girl at macy's; ivory polka dot sunglasses by free people from my cali trip; my trusty key west kinos; russian red lipstick by mac; and creative comb-in hair colour in hot pink...which really didn't turn out hot pink on me. i think my vest ended up with more pink than my hair.

last but definitely not least (obviously...look at that thing!) my younger sister in her fluffy, frilly frock, in which - and i quote - "no one's going to be able to get near [her]," because "the radius is obnoxious." she made this tutu for the local two-mile tutu race last week, and getting a second run in it today made for a pretty darn cute idea if you ask me. and, i betcha she'll share how to make it with us in an upcoming post for anyone interested. it'd be a great birthday outfit, and not just for the u.s.a. here's a closeup:

her finishing touch was a braid and a bow. now, depending on how long you've been following, you can probably tell i am not a hair bow or ribbon kind of chick myself, but this girl can pull it off on a holiday. especially because i have a feeling she wore it just to put a smile on her patients' faces at work before the party :)

last but not least, i leave you these two gems. thank you, instavideo.

and i introduce you to: the "fourth of julyon." i can't lay claim to the creation of that phrase, but i sure as heck wish i could!

p.s. the looks on my mom's and cousin's faces are priceless. i sense fear.

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