out with the old, in with the old.

in an effort to downsize my closet (and ok, get some extra cash and space to pick up a few coveted vintage finds too), i'm attempting to sell some of the designer items i no longer wear. i feel like i've tried all kinds of avenues - ebay, antique row's consignment shops, craigslist, plato's closet and even a side station within an otherwise regular garage sale, but i'm just not getting the bites i want.

last week i went back to my starting point of ebay; dropping the original prices and relisting, thinking that might help. 

today i'm taking to the blog to get your opinion...what's worked for you? is there an ebay trick you want to fill me in on? an incredible consignment shop with the best deals for sellers that i should know about? or am i doing it all wrong, and should be hitting up the poshmark app instead, which seems to be the only facebook ad that has ever been  appropriately targeted to me?

here's a snapshot of just a few of the items i'm selling in case you have any tips to offer in the comments - or want to make a deal! 

i've also got a ton of designer cocktail dresses and gowns from working palm beach galas that will probably never be worn again, since you know this girl always wants a new frock for the fête.

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