american idol loses its style

american idol lost this season's style when it kicked off megan joy tonight. yes, i liked her voice, but the main reason i'm disappointed that megan was bumped is because i will miss seeing her fashion choices! paula and adam lambert certainly don't do a whole lot for me in that category.

from the long, flowing tie-die dress and matching makeup on country week, to her wacky tropicana-girl outfit for motown, i am sad to see megan's quirky sense of style tuned out so early. i can't say i would have picked most of her ensembles...but some were cute (see above) and it was always fun to see what she'd wear next!

what's your favorite outfit of the season so far? and does anyone know where can i find the red jumper she wore before tonight's exit off the show?!

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  1. I must be living under a rock because I have not seen one episode of American Idol.

    Unfortunately, I am no help to the question above, but I thought I'd just leave you a note instead.