fab find: 30% off ralph lauren rugby line

for girls (and guys) who are feeling sporty but stylish, consumers can receive 30 percent off ralph lauren rugby apparel online or in stores until apr. 14 with this coupon i found on sun-sentinel's shop-o-matic blog: http://tinyurl.com/cwfabp.

i hadn't known too much about this specific line until yesterday, but i am liking it! a lot of the colorful polos and vests remind me of what naomi was wearing on "90210" this week and last, and some of the dresses and blazers remind me of blair's prep school-chic style on "gossip girl" (yes, i'm addicted to the teen dramas on the cw, but in my defense, they have great wardrobes!).

possibly even cooler than the seersucker pinafores, fleece hoodie dresses and ruffled silk jackets is the "make your own" section. though you're not really making your own and there aren't as many options as other brands that offer this feature, it is pretty fun to choose your own victory crest, south african flag or even a hot pink skull to add to your colored tunic.

Try it out: http://www.rugby.com/makeyourown/.


  1. I want a Liliana Tunic badly! If only I could decide on a patch...

  2. i suggest the hot pink skull and crossbones...it's a nice contrast to the navy and bright blue :)