behind the seams: peace, love & locally grown

with the 40th anniversary of woodstock coming up this year, everyone could use a little peace, love and music in their lives.

from its classic concert art t-shirts and organic cotton onesies, to the original 33lp record coasters and album jacket magnets, the tunes co. can certainly bring all three. the booth caught my eye a few weeks ago at the local palm beach gardens green market and rather than inspecting the fruit of the week or deciding whether i really needed chocolate pasta, i spent most of my time with this vendor picking out my burnout british invasion tee and "le pirate musique" tank.

week after week i found myself going back to see what they had in store and this past weekend i was interested in the background rather than just the designs...

now living in the era of the ipod, the owner of the tunes co. couldn't stand the thought of his albums - and memories - being tossed out the door. after collecting thousands of albums and much trial and error, he found a way to keep the rock alive by using colorful, recycled album labels to make coasters and clocks, authentic album jackets to create magnets, and original concert artwork to inspire t-shirt design.

though most of the products are recycled art and therefore already fit into the "green" category, the tunes co. also offers organic cotton onesies for the kiddies and keeps it home-grown by producing its designs on clothing by american apparel and next level apparel

the tunes co., which is based out of south florida, can be found locally at boutiques and the rest of this season at the abacoa green market in jupiter apr. 11, at the delray affair apr. 17-19 and back at the palm beach gardens green market apr. 26. for everyone not lucky enough to see the merch in person, you can check it out on www.tunescompany.com, and urban outfitters also sells the coasters.

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