clothes for bros: nike id

clothes for bros - a spin off of brooke's clothing line name from "one tree hill," but a completely different meaning. men have style too, you know.

so if you were this guy, what would you wear?

ew, gators, i know. but my good friend and my sister's best friend, jon, is looking to us prêt-à-porter girls (and guys!) for fashion advice, so even though he kicks for uf i gotta lend a hand.

he bought the sweet twisted sister shirt shown above from 80stees.com, and through nike's fun "create your own" web site - nikeid.com - is trying to pick out just the right shoe design to match. what do you think?


i personally like the second option because even with the touch of pink and silver, they're mainly black and still masculine. i want to give him a broad opinion though, so list your comments below!


  1. pink? really?!!!!! i'd go for another color combination. would urban approve of this?

  2. i'd think if anyone is going to pull of pink it's football players since they don't need to prove masculinity. (well maybe gators do...) i'll be sure pass along your opinion!

  3. Kristi, I'm sorry. This kid doesn't need to be wearing any poser ass hipster pink nike twisted sister bullshit. Give him a polo and some khakis and tell him to finish business school, maybe get an mba. Oh yea and I just stole your bf, ahhahahahha. Your move.

  4. I love the shoes! You're right, if anyone can pull them off, he can. Robbie, he wears polos and khakis as well. And, he finished his undergrad degree last year (a year early) and is a few weeks away from receiving his Master's. Brains, National Championships, and style!

  5. The second ones are superior. But I figure he should probably not buy a pair of shoes to match that one shirt and should instead move up a limit or possibly buy a pair of Heinekens that he can wear every day.

  6. Jon has had that shirt for 5 years lol. I think he will continue to wear it with or without the shoes :)