update part ii: wellington gets all american - romper edition

the awaited american apparel store opened at the mall at wellington green last week. i couldn't make it down there the first few days of its opening, but i still found a way to get my new retail fix. 

i'd been eyeing the piqué cross front-jumper ever since i wrote about it in my fourth of july post, and when i saw how cute a similar jumpsuit by aqua looked on jillian harris on the bachelorette, i knew i had to have it. rather than ordering online, my boyfriend who lives in wellington was nice enough to stop in and pick up the black romper on his way home from work (i only wish i could have seen the look on his face when he first walked in. typically a khakis-and-polo-type guy, the tight male v-necks and super short shorts probably resulted in a bit of culture shock!).

i just got back into town from a junior league conference in georgia and was almost as excited to see the jumper as i was the bf today (shhh don't tell him i said that!). i'm liking black with brown right now, so unlike jillian who kept her outfit simple, i paired it with a brown woven hollister belt, my betsey johnson faux peacock feather necklace and my fav pair of black kino sandals from key west. check out the styling below:

the bf would probably call me a hypocrite for pairing black & brown since i always get on him for mismatching his belt and shoes, but i think it's ok to accessorize black with brown, as long as all the extras are consistent and there are not a lot of other colors involved. for example, don't wear brown shoes with a black belt and purse.

back to the new aa store now - have you stopped in welly world's american apparel yet? if so, tell me what you think because i'm planning to stop in this weekend. what'd you buy and how are you styling it? details please!

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