will you accept this shoe...oops, i mean rose?

besides blair waldorf, the bachelorette's jillian harris is probably the best dressed girl on tv. from her adbundance of scarves and flattering high-waisted skirts, to the hot pink maxi, black romper and super short, feathered lbd she wore last week, jillian always keeps her dates fashionable. but what do i look forward to each week besides hot and buff kiptyn now that jake's gone? her selection of shoes.

my obsession with her shoes set in during the second episode, when she stepped out in her fun yet sexy red boots for the line dancing date. the boots are aldo's "flosand" and originally only sold in canada until their popularity grew from show. they are a perfect option for summer boots and sold like crazy after their debut on the bachelorette. though most other sites are listing them as sold out, they can actually still be purchased on the web site with the aldo clearance code received in the aldo promotion e-mails: 5489548. when that style is finally sold out, here is another similar option, the farylrobin hydra boot at

maybe it's because i can't wear them much in florida, but i seem to gravitate towards jillian's boots more than her other styles. in addition to the red pair, i'm also a fan of the black fringe boots she wore in whistler and on other dates. though it's only july, you can get a pair of your own at
delia's to get a head-start for the fall and winter.

last week it was jillian's yellow patent leather shoes from the scooter date in spain that caught my eye (maybe because i'm still upset about missing my opportunity on the neon yellow louboutins severely on sale at saks couple weeks ago). i read on
seenon.com that these were jillian's two-year-old david dixons. you may not have your own kiptyn, but if you want your own yellow pumps, check out the very feminine miss sixty nabilah heels on overstock.com.

so i've decided that it's officially not fair. jillian gets hot guys and a wicked wardrobe. i wonder what shoes she'll break hearts in tonight...

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