i wear my sunglasses at night

friday night the prêt-à-porter girls & friends headed out on the street to do some of the latest "product testing." we picked up some of this season's hottest sunglasses - wayfarers - to get the public's feeling on the shades made cool by audrey hepburn in the 60s, again by tom cruise in the 80s, and most recently by edward cullen. in reality, here's what our night of "product testing" at rum bar actually looked like...

rather than purchasing the brand that made this style famous, we picked up these pairs for only $5.50 each from forever 21...because not everyone has the funds to spend $125 on ray-bans that will probably go out of style by the end of the year. forever 21 had plenty of colors to choose from, but the two i liked best - both shown below - were a white pair with green cracking designs, and a pair in purple houndstooth.

a lot of my friends joined in the fun, but there were also a few others i met along the way to answer the important questions in life, like: "would you wear these, and if so, with what outfit?"

1. brian said "i'd wear them with my birthday suit;" & nelly's answer was "everywhere."

2. the fab bartender casey said she'd wear them with "jeans and a t-shirt, of course!"

3. ashley (with isaiah) said, "i'm not usually a white person, but i'd wear them as beach glasses or driving glasses"

4. the bachelorettes: maid of honor christine said, "i'd wear them with this dress!" & bride lisa said she'd wear them with a bathing suit, as much as i tried to convince her to wear them with her wedding dress!

6. probably the only time the auburn student will ever be caught in houndstooth, sammy would wear them "with comfy jeans and a v-neck;" & lacey said, "with skinny jeans and a v-neck or tank top"

7. when asked if he'd wear them, dru's answer was "hell no," but his gf said she'd wear them with everyday clothes
8. megan said, "i'd wear them with anything purple - it is the color of the season!" & bryn said she'd wear them with boat shoes

i wore mine with a gray tank tucked into a hot pink mini. so, tell me...would you wear these? and, if yes, then how so?

also, don't forget to check out the full photo shoot on facebook, and let me know if you think of any fun products to try out next, or if there's a place filled with fabulous fashionalities we should head to next!

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  1. Well Well Ms. Pret-PB!! Love the Blog so very much. I am the owner of the good ole' RumBar and I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for testing those oh so fab hatta blockers at my bar. Love the look btw. I have a gift cert for you to the RumBar to show my thanks. I'll friend you first on FB then I'll email you with my contact info. Thanks again for your loyalty and bringing your fab fashion sense to our scene.