81 years of marriage backed by one dress

this past weekend provided evidence for something i've been trying to prove all along: the perfect dress will lead to a lifetime of happiness.

ok, so maybe it was the partner and not really the dress that equated to happiness, but when i looked at my grandparents' wedding photos at their 52nd anniversary party this weekend, i was inclined to think otherwise. my grandmother was breathtaking in her stunning silk gown, with my tall, dark and handsome grandfather at her side. they look like a couple straight out of an old elvis movie.
but what caught my eye when looking through their wedding album were the wedding announcements. they were much more stylish in the 50s! they not only described my grandmother's "floor length gown of off-white rice silk and lace with a sabrina neckline," "long pointed sleeves and a sash at the hipline that crossed in the back," and "fingertip veil...held by a lace crown accented with seed pearls and sequins," but they also detailed the dresses, hairstyles and flowers of the bridesmaids, flower girls and even the mothers of the bride and groom. this is even more detail than you'll find in the new york times wedding pages!
side note: this bridal gown (and the veil!) has actually led to a total of 81 years of marriage and counting, since my mother also wore it when she married my father in 1980. she made it her own by wearing it without the hoop and lacing the sleeves. though my mom wore it for sentimental reasons and not for the sake of fashion, she is so lucky she made this classic and timeless choice...have you seen any of the poufy-shouldered disasters from the 80s?!

now since both my mother and my grandmother both weighed less than 100 lbs on their wedding days, i won't be able to fit one leg in the dress, much less wear it on my special day. my hope is to take pieces of it to add to my own when the time comes.

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