update ~ clothes for bros: nike id

remember my friend who was looking for advice on which color shoes to create and purchase from nikeid.com (because gators always want advice from seminoles, of course!)? well he took our collective advice, with one minor change. he chose the second pair, with more black and less pink, but then added the hot pink laces, which i think was a definite plus. check them out:

and if you're looking for a pair of the hottest kicks for yourself, either check out nike id online like him to create your own, or visit the local nike store at the gardens mall where i lead the nike run club every monday and thursday (free raffle for shoes & gift cards tonight!) for a pre-set pair. everyone who works in the store is awesome and should be able to help you out, but i know from various personal talks with them that brett and steve are the ones to chat with if you're looking for the latest on the stylish sneaker scene, whether or not you're an athlete.

since my hobbies range further than fashion and i'm also a runner, brett, steve and the store manager claudia helped me pick out the newest and best in racing shoes, the
lunarglides. for a flat-footed girl (or guy) like me, this is the only pair of light racing shoes that have not caused an injury...and it doesn't hurt that they are really good lookin'. my fav color palate is the baltic blue - volt - techno blue, but i chose the above metallic summit white/orange pair because i plan to wear them with my dad's old orange & black john i. leonard high school track shorts for the chicago marathon in october...but more details on that topic in a later post...

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