you are not oksana baiul

while looking at photos on facebook last night i was reminded of a trend that i would like to go all tanya harding on...

figure skater dresses.

unless you are oksana baiul or have a body like jessica stroup, you probably want to stay away from this style. it's not new, but lately i've noticed them popping up everywhere. american apparel made them famous, and i've seen copies on the racks of both urban outfitters and forever 21 recently (proving it unfortunately must be a growing trend), and while they always look cute on the hanger or on tv, most women cannot pull these off in real life. shiny nylon is rarely flattering.

most of my beef with this dress is due to the top. it is just not suitable for a bra, even strapless, due to its super-tight fit that shows every line. it's a catch-22 though, because the material also doesn't allow most of us to go braless either without looking like someone who could be found on the sketchier side of 45th. as a result, those who wear them are often stuck with a mishapen bust that, trust me, guys would prefer to have displayed on a better platter.

if you're still itching to try out the look, do it like my friend did at a bachelorette party last year - in black with very feminine or sexy heels. she is the only non-celeb i've seen whose been able to pull off this look.

dark hues will cut down on the shine that comes across too 80s in other colors (yes people, it is possible to be too 80s). and since black is naturally slimming you don't have to worry about the thin stretchy material hugging places you prefer to hide. and flats only make you look like a 10-year-old ballet dancer, so please stick to pumps.

and don't wear it with a studded or glittery belt, which i shockingly saw last night. even though i don't like the color or shoes chosen, an acceptable way to accessorize this style of dress is shown on the aa web site and below, belted with the brand's signature sash.

urban outfitters also now carries the figure skater dress in a material and pattern that works a little better for those who prefer to stay away from the scary fabric like me.

what do you think of the trend? are you turned off of it too, or am i just bitter because i wouldn't look like silver from 90210 if i were to sport the same style?

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