sew cool.

this past christmas my mom asked if my new husband and i had stepped out of a time machine, and rightfully so. the rock and roll fan that he is, i bought him a new record player - made to look and sound antique, of course - along with a couple queen and guns n roses albums. one of our favorite "dates" was heading to goodwill soon after and spending over an hour looking through hundreds of 45s to bring home.

and his gift to me? my first brand new sewing machine, which was one of those things i'd been telling myself i'd buy for a few years. although it is new like the record player, she thought it was funny that i'd want to step back in time to make my own clothes rather than just shop for them like normal people (which hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. i am never giving that up).

well i loved the sewing machine so much that it didn't stop there. to add to our collection of classic 1970s cameras, video cameras and an old editing machine, last week we finally got a vintage sewing machine and cabinet, all for a steal from craigslist on the same day. at this rate, our home is starting to look like an allsaints store.

the sewing machine is a singer, of course, and i found out from the serial number that it was made in 1905. even better...it's still in perfect working condition. can't wait to test this baby out. that is, once i learn how to properly use my new brother machine first!

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